Step Inside Rachael’s Shenfield Renovation
Step Inside

Step Inside Rachael’s Shenfield Renovation

Rachel and I recently had the opportunity to photograph this fabulous space and learn a little more from Rachael on what the Shenfield renovation entailed – we had so much fun delving a little deeper into this project and hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

In the suburb of Brentwood, on the edge of the Essex countryside, Rachael lives with her husband and three children in the small village of Shenfield. Built in the 1920’s, with much wear and tear, their home was in need of a renovation and spruce up! Although the house needed quite a lot of work, Rachael loved the characteristics that this Georgian property offered and could see its potential, as their forever family home.

In the Summer of 2019, Rachael and her husband decided to begin their renovation, step-by-step, starting with a single-story extension at the rear of the house. It was important to Rachael and her family that the renovation was completed in phases, allowing the works to be scheduled around her husband’s business and their busy family life. A key component to the extension phase included the fitting of roof lanterns. Rachael opted for two lanterns, to gain a big, bright, open plan living space with views of the garden, perfect for her family of five and two dogs! It is safe to say – we are officially converted to the idea of two lanterns instead of one!

When searching for the perfect floor online, Rachael realised she loved the appearance of natural stone, but preferred the idea of a maintenance free option, so was recommended by our helpful team, to look at the tumbled porcelain. Opting for our stunning Corinthian Grey Tumbled Porcelain, Rachael expressed how she loved the neutral softness and the natural versatile look – so do we!

Our tumbled stone effect porcelain is a perfect choice if you are looking for something hardwearing and low maintenance. Mimicking the appearance of natural stone, with its tumbled worn edges and textured surface, this porcelain is ideal for those wanting natural stone without the upkeep.

After spending some time chatting all things renovation and taking some project shots, it was time for us to head back to the office.

A huge thanks goes to Rachael and her family for letting us into their home – we hope all you current renovators enjoyed the read and found a little inspiration, Lauren x

Life in her new space...

1. What is your favourite thing to do in your newly renovated space?

“Looking after my family and watching Netflix - with a glass of red wine.”

2. What is your favourite interior piece and why?

“My kitchen island, it’s the focal point and the heart of our home. We can’t wait to have family and friends over for dinner!”

3. What was your best bargain find during your project?

“Probably our wooden dining table and bench, from Barker and Stonehouse.”

4. What is your must have gadget in the kitchen?

“My Nespresso machine – very much needed with 3 children!”

5. Are you planning on any future projects?

“Just this one for now. Little by little, step by step!”