Dijon Limestone Tiles

Dijon Limestone Tiles

Dijon limestone is a versatile and beautiful flooring tile. Dijon limestone tiles are dense and hardwearing with varying shades of neutral grey through to soft beige. As leading specialists of Dijon limestone we offer a variety of finishes and sizes, offering the best quality and prices. Dijon limes ...
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Dijon Tumbled Limestone Tiles

From  £42.00 £35.70  m2

Dijon Brushed Limestone Tiles

From  £38.00 £32.40  m2

Dijon Seasoned Limestone Tiles

From  £55.00 £46.80  m2

Dijon Blend Tumbled Limestone Tiles

From  £28.00  m2

Dijon Manoir Cabochon Tumbled Limestone Tiles

From  £65.03 £52.05  m2

Dijon Tumbled Limestone Tiles - Second Selection

From  £48.00 £31.20  m2

Dijon Honed Limestone Tiles

From  £44.00  m2

Dijon Tumbled Herringbone Paving Cobbles

From  £85.00 £67.99  m2

Dijon Tumbled Limestone Pavers

From  £49.50 £42.07  m2

Dijon Brushed Limestone Pavers

From  £58.00 £49.30  m2

Dijon Blend Tumbled Limestone Pavers

From  £36.00 £34.20  m2

Dijon Tumbled Limestone Cobbles

From  £52.00 £44.20  m2

Dijon Seasoned Limestone Paving

From  £55.00 £46.80  m2

Dijon Stone Effect Porcelain Paving

From  £60.00  m2

Dijon Limestone Standard Tumbled Edge Skirting

From  £12.00

Dijon Tumbled Limestone Bullnose Coping Stone

From  £45.00

Dijon Seasoned Limestone Bullnose Coping Stone

From  £72.00

Dijon Tumbled Herringbone Tiles

From  £85.00 £67.99  m2

Job Lot 23.76m2 - Dijon Manoir Cabochon Tumbled Limestone Tiles

From  £60.00 £45.00  m2

Dijon Limestone Flooring Tiles

Having imported Dijon limestone flooring for over 20 years, the longevity of the relationships with our suppliers, combined with the volume of Dijon we import ensures we can provide our customers with the finest quality Dijon on the market at the best prices. We also have a dedicated website for all questions and advice related to Dijon limestone tiles. Our Dijon tumbled limestone tiles are graded into either a premium or blend selection – offering complete transparency to the customer on what they can expect to receive and ensures a fair price is paid in comparison to the quality purchased. The Dijon limestone tiles collection consists of different finishes such as tumbled stone, textured, straight cut, smooth and matte tiles, as well as unique finishes to Quorn Stone. With Dijon limestone tiles in a range of sizes from small, fixed format, random free lengths and opus patterns, there is a floor tile for every project – whether a contemporary style or traditional country home! There is something entirely unique and enduring in the Dijon limestone. Dijon limestone is a sedimentary rock, formed over millions of years. A combination of sediments, broken seashells, coral and the remains of aquatic animals deposited on the waterbed, slowly compresses over time into a hard rock.

Things to know when buying Dijon limestone tiles

Having imported natural stone tiles since 1995, we have acquired invaluable knowledge and expertise - read our guide on things to know when buying Dijon limestone.

Are Dijon limestone tiles easy to look after and clean?

Dijon limestone tiles are naturally very dense and hardwearing, making it a practical option for homes that see plenty of footfall. There are a few key steps needed to look after your stone floor and keep it looking its best for years to come - read our guide on how to clean and look after natural stone.

In short, Dijon limestone needs sealing upon installation which acts as a protective barrier against stains, and requires resealing approximately every 4-5 years. Vacuuming with a brush attachment is recommended and spot cleaning any spillages promptly. Any harsh, acidic cleaners need to be avoided with natural stone – look for pH neutral cleaners and cleaners that say, ‘suitable for natural stone’. If you do have any stubborn stains on the tiles, there are products available to help remove these.

Which Dijon tumbled floor tile size should I choose?

The sized tile you go for is personal preference – there is no right or wrong! However, over the years we have developed a keen eye on what sizes and formats work best for all shapes and styles of kitchens. The most popular formats for open plan kitchens with our Dijon tumbled limestone tends to be the 500xFL (Free Length) or 600xFL (Free Length). The Opus Patterns are great for more traditional properties and 600x400 for smaller spaces. 900x600 and 600x600 suit more modern or contemporary spaces.

Is Dijon limestone flooring suitable with underfloor heating?

Yes! Underfloor heating is perfectly suited with our natural stone and Dijon limestone tiles following the correct installation. We strongly advise the use of anti-fracture matting, which is industry standard. This is a thin membrane that should be installed between the screed and your tiles. This membrane protects the tiles from lateral sheer movements, allowing the screed to fracture without damaging the tiles.

What is the difference between Dijon tumbled limestone tiles and Dijon Blend?

In short, Dijon tumbled limestone is a cleaner premium selection of tiles, whereas the Dijon Blend limestone is a sister product with greater variation, browner tones, high oxidisation and veining.

We’re aware of the crowded market in the natural stone industry and like any natural stone, the quarry that Dijon is sourced from has different selections and grades. Many companies may offer Dijon limestone tiles at low prices, but may mislead by selling the lower grades of Dijon, advertised as premium quality. This is why we are transparent in having two selections; Dijon tumbled and Dijon Blend tumbled so you can order with confidence of what you will receive.

Our Dijon tumbled limestone tiles are the top selection of the highest grade, yielding lighter and more consistent tones - the 'champagne' selection, as we like to call it.

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