Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor Tiles

Whether updating your existing space or carrying out a full garden renovation, the collection of outdoor tiles is a perfect option for patio paving. With a wide range of both limestone and porcelain outdoor tiles, offering hardwearing and durable tiles in an array of colours and styles. Suitable for ...
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Hambleton Ivory Stone Effect Porcelain Paving

From  £58.00 £52.20  m2

Dijon Tumbled Limestone Pavers

From  £49.50 £42.07  m2

Dijon Blend Tumbled Limestone Pavers

From  £36.00 £34.20  m2

Dorchester Aged White Stone Effect Porcelain Pavers

From  £75.01 £56.25  m2

Provence Crema Stone Effect Porcelain Pavers

From  £62.00  m2

Dijon Tumbled Limestone Cobbles

From  £52.00 £44.20  m2

Worn Grey Antiqued Limestone Paving

From  £55.00  m2

Montpellier Sable Tumbled Porcelain Paving

From  £75.01  m2

Dijon Tumbled Herringbone Paving Cobbles

From  £85.00 £67.99  m2

Montpellier Gris Tumbled Porcelain Paving

From  £75.01  m2

Alnwick Ivory Stone Effect Porcelain Paving

From  £65.00  m2

Alnwick Beige Stone Effect Porcelain Paving

From  £65.00  m2

Dijon Brushed Limestone Pavers

From  £58.00 £49.30  m2

Versailles Softly Aged Limestone Paving

From  £62.00 £52.70  m2

Abbey Time Worn Sandstone Pavers

From  £68.00 £57.80  m2

Dijon Seasoned Limestone Paving

From  £55.00 £46.80  m2

Tuscany Seasoned Limestone Pavers

From  £62.00  m2

Sorrento® Aged Tumbled Limestone Cobbles

From  £88.00  m2

Job Lot 7.56m2 - Avondale Beige Stone Effect Porcelain Pavers

From  £47.60 £23.80  m2

Hambleton Beige Stone Effect Porcelain Paving

From  £58.00 £52.20  m2

Farrow Grey Tumbled Limestone Cobbles

From  £58.00  m2

Chartwell Grey Softly Aged Limestone Pavers

From  £59.00 £50.15  m2

Dijon Stone Effect Porcelain Paving

From  £60.00  m2

Clermont Gris® Aged Tumbled Limestone Pavers

From  £88.00  m2

Outdoor Patio Tiles

As direct importers of stone outdoor tiles since 1995, we have a tailored collection of quality stone and porcelain paving. Consisting of different styles such as tumbled, textured, stone effect pavers and modern prints - all suitable for exterior applications. Many ask what the best outdoor patio tiles for gardens are - one big benefit of outdoor limestone and porcelain paving is their forgiving nature and easy maintenance. With outdoor tiles in a range of colours from grey, beige, and cream, there is a patio tile for every project – whether a contemporary style or traditional country garden! Natural stone is a sedimentary rock, formed over millions of years. A porcelain tile is a man-made product that combines kaolin clay, finely ground sand and feldspar. Both materials making an excellent choice for patios, gardens and a whole host of landscaping projects. We devote a large amount of time, using our years of expertise to source some of the most beautiful outdoor tiles in the world.

Outdoor Paving Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of outdoor tiles?

Many ask what the best outdoor patio tiles for gardens are – natural stone and porcelain both offer practical and beautiful outdoor paving. One big benefit of outdoor porcelain paving is its stain resistance, scratch resistance and UV stability, meaning it will not stain, scratch, or lighten overtime and is easy to maintain. Stone paving is naturally very dense, will offer an entirely unique patio floor, and will lighten or season with time for an authentic feel.

What is stone paving made of?

Stone paving is a natural material quarried from the earth. Most natural stone pavers are either limestone or sandstone. Limestone is a sedimentary rock, formed over millions of years. A combination of sediments, broken seashells, coral and the remains of aquatic animals deposited on the waterbed, slowly compresses over time into a hard rock. Sandstone is also a sedimentary rock composed mainly of sand-sized silicate grains.

What is porcelain paving made of?

Porcelain paving is a man-made product that combines kaolin clay, finely ground sand and feldspar. The clay mixture is fired to an extremely high temperature, resulting in a very dense tile that benefits from a low water absorption rate.

Do exterior pavers need sealing?

It is not essential to seal natural stone paving when laid outside, but we do recommend doing so as it will help protect the stone against water and stain contamination. Porcelain pavers do not require sealing. The surface is very strong and near enough scratch resistant, stain resistant and will not lighten over time.

How do you clean pavers and outdoor tiles?

A fantastic benefit of stone and porcelain pavers is that they are forgiving and very hardwearing. For regular maintenance, you can use a stiff brush to sweep and brush away any leaves or debris. Outdoor paving can be jet washed seasonally combined with a cleaner designed for natural stone or porcelain.

Read our full guides on how to clean outdoor tiles.

Is outdoor paving easy to install?

Yes! Outdoor paving is simple to install following a few key steps. An outdoor patio should always be laid onto a level substrate, using a full bed of tile adhesive and grouted in between the joints.

Read more on how to tile outdoor paving.

What is the difference between outdoor paving and indoor tiles?

The main difference to indoor and outdoor tiles is the thickness. Natural stone paving is usually 20mm or 30mm thick. Porcelain paving is in a 20mm thickness with a ‘R11’ grip/anti-slip finish. Internal porcelain tends to be 10mm thick with a ‘R10’ finish.