bathroom tile trends 2024

10 Bathroom Tile Trends for 2024

10 Bathroom Tile Trends for 2024

As we step into a new year, now is the time to gather ideas and inspiration for your own bathroom renovations with the tiles you choose binding all design elements together. The year 2024 brings an array of exciting tile trends that promise to elevate any bathroom space. From pattern and colour to sustainable materials, we have you covered on bathroom tile trends for 2024! As well as offering samples online, we recommend a visit to one of our UK showrooms for displays of our full bathroom tile range.

1. Black & White Tiles

Black and white tiles have remained a classic and timeless choice in the interior world. From checkerboard flooring to geometric designs, their monochromatic palette creates a sense of balance and suit various styles such as retro, vintage, and modern. As seen in this case study, a lovely customers bathroom (@wildinthewolds) shows the Alba patterned ceramic tiles on the floor with their unique pattern and monochrome tone. A dusky neutral pink ‘China Clay - Dark’ by Little Greene complements the black and white tiles, adding just a hint of colour and sophistication. 

Bathroom tile trends Black and White tiles Alba patterned ceramic

Bathroom tile trends Black and White tiles Alba Decorative Ceramic Tile

2. Zellige Tiles

Zellige tiles are artisanal, enamel-coated tiles crafted in Morocco with a rich glaze, unique texture, and beautiful variation of pigments. Reminiscent of these original Moroccan tiles, many Zellige style tiles are now made from porcelain and ceramic, resulting in a very strong body, that is easier to install and maintain. The diversity in tone, glaze, depth, and shades available for these Zellige like tiles has seen the popularity and widespread appeal of Zellige grow in recent years and is set to stay a bathroom tile trend for 2024. White Zellige tiles are a favourite, with the Safi Seashell providing a delicate tonal white with a high gloss finish and beautiful variation.

Zellige Tiles Safi Seashell Shower Tiles Bathroom Tile Trends 2024

Zellige Tiles Safi Seashell Glazed Bathroom Tile Trends 2024

3. Kit Kat Tiles

Kit Kat tiles are one of the biggest bathroom design trends this year. Kit Kat tiles are a style of tile that, as the name suggests, resemble the popular chocolate bar, featuring small, rectangular tiles arranged in a grid pattern. These mosaic finger tiles are admired for their streamlined linear appearance, working with contemporary bathrooms. On the theme of white bathroom tiles, the Nori Pearl stick tiles are a popular option for their soft variation, offering a tile that is subtle and classic in tone but contemporary in design.

Kit Kat Tiles Nori Pearl Bathroom Tile Trends 2024

Kit Kat Tiles Nori Pearl Gloss Bathroom Tile Trends 2024

4. Peach Orange Tiles

If you’re looking to incorporate colour into your bathroom for 2024, then Pantone’s colour of the year ‘Peach Fuzz’ is a perfect colourway to embrace with a range of our peach-toned orange tiles. The Kiki Peach tiles offer a glossy surface in a classic peach hue with options of the Kiki Peach Base tile, or Kiki Peach Décor tile featuring on-trend linear stripes. Choose one or combine together for a playful bathroom tile scheme.

Peach Orange Tiles Kiki Bathroom Tile Trends 2024

Peach Orange Tiles Kiki Decor Stripe Bathroom Tile Trends 2024

5. Marble Bathroom Flooring

Marble tiles have been used for centuries, gracing bathrooms and hallways alike. Known for being a dense and hardwearing material, marble is a natural stone available in a variety of colours with unique patterning and details. When it comes to bathroom tile trends for 2024, marble bathroom flooring is high on the list. Whether it is a classic white marble like the Parisian White or checkerboard tiles like the Parisian Chequerboard, marble tiles are sure to elevate any bathroom scheme, adding a timeless elegance.

Marble Bathroom Flooring Parisian White Tiles Bathroom Tile Trends 2024

Marble Bathroom Flooring Parisian Chequerboard Bathroom Tile Trends 2024

6. Patterned Bathroom Tiles

Patterned bathroom tiles are a wonderful way to incorporate colour and design into a bathroom scheme, with patterned bathroom flooring being particularly popular in 2024. These tiles come in a range of styles, from vintage-inspired floral motifs and bold geometric shapes to classic Moroccan style tiles. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these porcelain and ceramic tiles provide a practical choice for a high-moisture environment like the bathroom. The Pamplona Blanco patterned porcelain tile takes inspiration from the famous Italian ‘Maiolica’ tiles; traditionally designed and hand painted by artisanal craftsmen. These porcelain tiles are also made of minimum 20% recycled materials, offering a more sustainable and eco-conscious option.

Patterned Bathroom Tiles Pamplona Blanco Decorative Bathroom Tile Trends 2024
Patterned Bathroom Tiles Pamplona Blanco Bathroom Tile Trends 2024

7. Onyx Effect Tiles

Onyx effect tiles seem to be going nowhere. Inspired by the natural beauty of onyx stone, these tiles mimic the intricate veining and rich colour variations of the real material. These tiles effortlessly elevate interiors, imparting a sense of opulence and refinement whilst offering a statement look for contemporary homes. The Onyx Powder Pink is the perfect pink bathroom tile for those wanting just the right amount of colour and pattern.

Onyx Effect Tiles Onyx Powder Pink Bathroom Tile Trends

8. Marble Effect Tiles

Marble effect tiles or faux marble tiles have been a popular alternative to real marble for a number of years, thanks to the realistic print, array of designs available and easy maintenance of marble effect porcelain. If you’re looking for a classic black and white large format tile, then look no further than the Athena marble effect porcelain. With unique veining, a matt finish and subtle surface texture this tile replicates the look of natural marble beautifully.

Bathroom tile trends Athena Marble Effect Tiles
Bathroom tile trends Athena Marble Effect Tiles

9. Green Metro Tiles

The colour green is a vibrant and refreshing hue, often associated with nature. Evoking a sense of tranquillity and harmony, it is frequently used in interior design and decor to create spaces that feel serene and relaxing. This colourway is set to be a favourite when it comes to 2024 bathroom tile trends, especially green metro tiles. Whether you are wanting a rich bottle green such as the Arta Emerald brick tiles or a delicate pastel tonal green such as the Pastello Pistachio metros, green wall tiles are a timeless choice for bathrooms.

Green Metro Tiles Arta Emerald Bathroom Tile Trends 2024
Green Metro Tiles Pastello Pistachio Bathroom Tile Trends 2024

10. Earth Tone Tiles

A final trend for bathroom tiles this year is warm and welcoming earthy tones. Earth toned tiles such as comforting browns, plaster pinks and burnt reds are going to be seen more in interiors for 2024, adding an organic and natural feel to bathrooms and shower areas. The Farini Cinnamon Moroccan-style tiles are a perfect option, with their rich burnt orange to red tones in a high gloss finish. Shop the full Farini range for a selection of earthy hued wall tiles perfect for bathrooms.

Bathroom tile trends Farini Cinammon Zellige Bathroom Tiles
Bathroom tile trends Farini Cinammon Zellige Tiles

So, there we have it. The top 10 bathroom tile trends for 2024. We hope you feel inspired for your own bathroom renovations in the year ahead. Should you wish to discuss your tiling project in further detail, please don’t hesitate to contact us!