Modern Bathroom Tile Inspiration 2024
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Modern Bathroom Tile Inspiration 2024

Bathrooms are notoriously tricky rooms to ‘get right’ – they need to strike the perfect balance of both beauty and practicality which isn’t always easy to achieve. We help thousands of customers in choosing their dream bathroom tiles and there are numerous factors to consider such as the size of the room, amount of natural light as well as the functional aspects. With this in mind, we wanted to bring to you our own guide on modern bathroom tile inspiration for 2023.

Having recently renovated a bathroom myself, I spent a lot of time gathering bathroom inspiration online and in magazines which really helped in my own decision making. Creating mood boards with pictures and samples is a great way to ensure all your choices will work together! Below is a list of bathroom tile trends and ideas that will work in both modern and classic bathroom designs.

My Bathroom Tile Renovation & Transformation…

My bathroom isn’t the biggest nor flooded with natural light, so I decided to keep everything bright and airy. I wanted the bathroom to be a classic but modern design that wouldn’t feel dated in a few years’ time, so made all decisions based on the above criteria.

You may think working for a tile company would mean you would know exactly what tiles you would choose for your own home – wrong! I knew I wanted to break the space up with a combination of tiles that offered different colours and textures but struggled to whittle it down – too many lovely options! In the end I opted for the following combination…

Wood Effect Tiles

The Appledore Limewash Oak is a beautiful light wood effect tile with a subtle and realistic wood print, adding warmth to the space, as well as being very hardwearing and practical for a bathroom floor tile. TIP – This wood effect has a slightly ridged texture which emulates the feel of a wooden plank and offers slip resistance!

Modern bathroom tile inspiration wood effect planks

Marble Effect Look

'Calacatta' marble has been used for centuries and is a timeless stone. In order to keep things maintenance free, we opted for our porcelain marble effect which is a beautiful modern shower tile with a white stone base and copper flecking and veining. TIP – A polished finish will reflect the light and bounce it around the room.

Marble effect porcelain shower wall tiles ideas

Gloss Splashback Metro Tiles

I wanted to incorporate another glossy wall tile for the bathroom splashback but didn’t want a matching look to the shower tiles! The Primrose collection was the perfect solution and the pastel palette is soft enough to work with many colour schemes. In the end I settled for the shade Smoke – such a gorgeous and versatile grey metro tile. TIP - Take time when considering grout colours as this will dictate how much your tile colour 'pops' or how subtle the grout lines will look.

Modern bathroom tile inspiration ideas

Bathroom metro tile ideas

Further Modern Bathroom Tile Ideas & Inspiration…

Modern Onyx Effect

Onyx effect porcelain tiles have seen a rise in popularity, thanks to their stunning realistic prints, lovely flowing movement and practical hardwearing benefits of porcelain. Perfect for statement modern wall tiles, whether you are after a softer white Onyx tile, 'Onyx Moonstone White' or are wanting a moody green Onyx effect bathroom tile, 'Onyx Smoked Green'. The range is stocked in a 1200x600 large format, meaning big impact and less grout lines to keep clean.

Onyx smoked green bathroom tile inspiration

Onyx effect tiles modern bathroom ideas

Vertical Shower Wall Tiles

Traditionally, many wall tiles are installed horizontally such as smaller format metro tiles and rectangular tiles, however there really is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing which direction you would like to have your tiles laid. A modern bathroom tile idea is to use wood effect planks laid vertically as wall tiles for a walk in shower room – the Belsford Rockpool Grey wood look planks offer a slight coastal feel with warm grey tones mimicking the effect of driftwood.

Wood effect porcelain shower wall tiles

Dark Bathroom Flooring

On the theme of tiles that look like wood, dark bathroom flooring is definitely on trend for 2023! With a bathroom or en suite being a place to unwind, with a luxuriouse feel, why not choose rich and moody dark bathroom tiles such as the Chatsworth Tudor Oak wood effect porcelain. Or for a darker herringbone bathroom floor, opt for the Eaton Ebony wood effect planks – an off black tile with realistic knot details and wood grain look.

Dark bathroom wood flooring

Dark bathroom wood flooringBlush Pink Tiles

Bathrooms are also an opportunity to express personality and a chance to have fun with colour. It seems pink is having its moment again, with a resurgence in pink toned paints, pink vanity units and even pink tiles! Those courageous enough to involve brighter hues will love these blush pink tile ideas. We would suggest sticking to just the walls when it comes to pink bathroom tiles, as there is a classic feel to pink metro wall tiles that won’t date. Our first pick would be the Primrose Blush gloss metro tiles - they are a lovely pale pink with a high gloss finish and consistent tone from tile to tile. For something with a little more shade variation, the Hockley Antiqued Rose has an antique appearance, made to look like an authentic glazed tile with contrasting hues of dark to blush pink.

Pale pink metro bathroom tile inspiration

Blush pale pink metro tile ideas


A large format pink bathroom tile would be the Cristalli Ruby Rose gemstone effect porcelain tiles. This unique product offering replicates the look of beautiful gemstone with realistic patterns and details – perfect for a bathroom statement wall tile. The Onyx Powder Pink marble effect porcelain is also a large format stone effect tile that features veining and flowing movement in a soft blush pink hue.

Full Tiled Bathroom

One modern bathroom tile inspiration is having a full tiled bathroom from floor to walls. Not only is this practical with porcelain tiles (much easier to keep clean than other surfaces!), but it can also make a small space feel bigger if opting for the right tile. To create a bright and airy feel to a bathroom, choose lighter tiles such as the Tiverton White Pearl stone effect porcelain, combined with the Belsford Pebbleshore wood look planks. The White Pearl offers neutral white tones with stone effect flecking, whilst the Pebbleshore planks complement with subtle white to soft brown detailing mimicking the look of driftwood.

Square Terrazzo Tiles

Finally, but by no means least, the famous terrazzo tile has risen in popularity again in the past few years and we love it for its playfulness, unique flecked shades and ability to create a modern look to any bathroom or en suite. These versatile square 600x600 tiles work perfectly on the walls or floors in a range of colourways depending on the feel you want to create. For those playing it the safe, the Milazzo Bianco is a wonderful pale grey with delicate white to grey speckles of the classic terrazzo pattern – this is a full-bodied porcelain meaning the design of the tile carries all the way through the tile. A slightly more colourful choice is the Terrazzo Ivory which has a creamy base with a mixed palette of contrasting flecking – combine this with black tapware and a black rainfall shower for the ultimate modern bathroom tile inspiration!

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