trending decorative tiles for 2024

Trending Decorative Tiles for 2024

Trending Decorative Tiles for 2024

Want to know the trending decorative tiles for 2024? We’ve got you covered. With a passion for beautiful materials in the home, we believe tiles play a pivotal role in every project, harmoniously binding all design elements together. In recent years, a resurgence of interest in decorative tiles has redefined home interior trends. From the traditional appeal of Victorian tiles and contemporary look of metro tiles to the intricate beauty of Moroccan and Zellige tiles. To help you in your renovations, we’ve compiled together six decorative tile trends for 2024 and how they can elevate any space from kitchens to bathrooms and hallways. 

Metro Tiles

Let’s start with the classic metro tile. Metro tiles date back to the early 20th century, first created for the underground in major cities such as London, New York, and Paris. What started as a practical wall surface for public spaces has now become an iconic style for homes, seen in kitchens and bathrooms alike. This small format subway tile is now widely available in different colours and styles and can be laid in various layouts. Whether a matt orange metro tile like the Orkney Terracotta or a glossy pink brick tile such as the Arta Rosewater, metro tiles are set to remain a favourite in 2024, complementing an array of interiors and colour palettes. Read more on ways to lay metro tile patterns.

trending decorative tiles metro tiles

Orkney Terracotta

metro tiles trending decorative tiles

Arta Rosewater

Moroccan Tiles

A big trend for 2024 is Moroccan tiles. Moroccan tiles are renowned for their intricate patterns, rich colours, and enduring feel. They have long been admired for their ability to transform any space with a unique charm and character. From sophisticated patterns to glazed Zellige style tiles, there are plenty of Moroccan tile ideas to provide inspiration for traditional and contemporary interiors. With earthy hues trending for 2024, the Farini Cinnamon Moroccan style tiles are a perfect option with their rich burnt orange to red tones in a high gloss finish. For a traditional take on Moroccan tiles, the black and white Palazzo Torino tiles have an antique appearance, adding an authenticity to any space. 

Moroccan Tiles trending decorative tiles

Farini Cinnamon

Moroccan Tiles trending patterned Tiles

Palazzo Torino

Zellige Tiles

Zellige tiles are a form of Moroccan artisanal, enamel-coated tiles crafted with a rich glaze, unique texture, and beautiful variation of pigments. In essence, Zellige, pronounced as "zell-idge," is a style of tile involving a distinctive blend of clay, followed by glazing and firing, resulting in a surface with charming irregularities that give a distinctive appearance upon each tile. Reminiscent of these original Moroccan tiles, many Zellige style tiles are now made from porcelain and ceramic, resulting in a very strong body, that is easier to install and maintain. The diversity in tone, glaze, depth, and shades available for these Zellige style tiles has seen the popularity and widespread appeal of Zellige grow in recent years, with Zellige tiles continuing to be a decorative tile trend this year. 

It goes without saying that white Zellige tiles are a favourite choice, with recognition for their timeless beauty, ability to brighten any space and to complement all interior schemes. The Safi Seashell is a delicate tonal tile in a square format, offering a high shine glazed ceramic with a handmade feel and authentic variation. For those seeking a statement emerald green, the Safi Bottle Green Zellige tiles have a diverse array of green pigments, with a glazed finish reflecting the vibrant blend of tones, providing a truly authentic feel. Learn more about the beauty of Zellige tiles.

Zellige Safi Seashell trending decorative tiles

Safi Seashell

Green Zellige Tiles trending decorative tiles

Safi Bottle Green

Victorian Tiles

Victorian tiles, as the name suggests, originate from the Victorian era whereby patterned tiles were a popular flooring choice, gracing hallways and kitchens alike. These decorative designs effortlessly suit older properties for their timeless and classic appeal. With a revival in their uses in the modern home, Victorian style tiles achieve an enduring look, working in a whole host of interior schemes. With an extensive range of hardwearing porcelain and ceramic tiles, inspired by the character of original designs, many are choosing Victorian style tiles for their home. Read our simple guide to choosing Victorian tile patterns.

The Grosvenor Burgundy offers a modern-day lookalike to traditional Victorian tiles, with geometric pieces carefully composed into one larger tile for a simple installation with maximum impact. For a classic black and white chequerboard effect, the Demi Mono is a contemporary take on the ageless elegance of chequerboard tiles.

Moroccan Tiles Safi Seashell Zellige Bathroom Tiles

Grosvenor Burgundy

Victorian Tiles Monochrome trending Tiles

Demi Mono

Kit Kat Tiles

A term you maybe haven’t heard before, Kit Kat tiles are set to be a big trend for 2024. Kit Kat tiles are a style of tiling that, as the name suggests, resemble the popular chocolate bar, featuring small, rectangular tiles arranged in a grid pattern. Often made of porcelain or ceramic in a mosaic format, Kit Kat or finger tiles are admired for their streamlined linear appearance, working with contemporary bathrooms and kitchens.

For a touch of colour with a pastel palette, try the Sundae Strawberry for a soft pretty pink, or the Sundae Mint for a subtle and fresh green. Alternatively, the Nori Midnight stick tiles feature a high gloss finish and varying dark charcoal tones, creating a moody statement to any space. Read more on trending Kit Kat tile styles.

Kit Kat Tiles trending decoratives

Sundae Strawberry Kit Kat

Kit Kat Tiles trending decorative tiles

Nori Forest Kit Kat

Herringbone Tiles

For our final round up of trending decorative tiles for 2024, herringbone tiles are a perfect way to add a decorative touch to a kitchen or bathroom. From glossy metro tiles to wood effect herringbone flooring, this pattern has a classic appeal working in both modern and traditional homes. We are seeing herringbone tiles being used in interiors more than ever and its demand is set to stay throughout the year.

A herringbone tile is simply a thin rectangular tile that is laid at an angle to create the recognisable pattern. A lot of tiles can be laid as herringbone, so long as the width of the tile is half or less of the length of the tile. A few favourites include the Orkney White metro tiles for an ever-popular white herringbone tile look or the Hockley Antiqued Rose for a pink antique metro tile. When it comes to wood effect herringbone flooring, the Eaton Oak herringbone wood tiles replicate the look of authentic oak beautifully with a soft warmth and realistic knot detailing. Read everything you need to know about herringbone tiles

Herringbone tiles trending decoratives
Herringbone tiles trending decorative tiles