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The Beauty of Zellige Tiles

The Beauty of Zellige Tiles

Zellige tiles are artisanal, enamel-coated tiles crafted in Morocco with a rich glaze, unique texture, and beautiful variation of pigments. In essence, Zellige, pronounced as "zell-idge," is a style of tile involving a distinctive blend of local clay, followed by glazing and firing, resulting in a surface with charming irregularities that give a distinctive appearance upon each tile. Reminiscent of these original Moroccan tiles, many Zellige style tiles are now made from porcelain and ceramic, resulting in a very strong body, that is easier to install and maintain. The diversity in tone, glaze, depth, and shades available for these Zellige like tiles has seen the popularity and widespread appeal of Zellige grow in recent years.

It goes without saying that white Zellige tiles are a favourite choice, with recognition for their timeless beauty, ability to brighten any space and to complement all interior schemes. Whether it’s a clean white tile with low variation or a soft off-white with varying hues, white Zellige tiles are a wonderful option for bathroom tiles, shower tiles and kitchen splashbacks. The Safi Seashell is a delicate tonal tile in a square format, offering a high shine glazed ceramic with a handmade feel and authentic variation. The Pastello Seashell metro tile is another white Zellige tile with beautiful tonal variation and a glossy finish. For a more consistent look, the Zellige white metro tiles have the same high gloss finish but with less contrast from tile to tile, suiting modern and contemporary bathrooms.

Safi Seashell Zellige Bathroom Tiles
Safi Seashell Zellige Tiles

Rich Bottle Green Zellige tiles

Bottle green Zellige tiles add a moody statement to any space, with their deep glazing, rich shine, and artisanal appearance, creating a rustic Moroccan charm to walls and splashbacks. With a pattern repeat of 50 tiles, the Safi Bottle Green Zellige tiles have a diverse array of green pigments, with a glazed finish reflecting the vibrant blend of tones, providing a truly authentic feel. Another lovely bottle green Zellige tile is the Hockley Antiqued Green metro tiles which feature rich variations of dark green with an antiqued edge.

Earth Toned Zellige tiles

Earth-toned tiles, with their muted organic hues, have become a widely favoured option in interior design for their ability to create spaces with a sense of calm and tranquillity. Zellige tiles with earthy hues often draw inspiration from the colours found in the natural world, including various shades of brown, terracotta and soft muted greys. The Farini range of square decorative tiles offer the ultimate selection of earthy shades, available in six colourways with each emulating a Zellige tile with natural and warm hues and a glazed, reflective finish. The Farini Terracotta is a lovely mid-toned dusky orange, replicating the hues of real terracotta tiles. For a richer mushroom shade, the Farini Mushroom is a perfect choice as a grey tile with earthy warmth. 

Delicate Pink Zellige tiles

From rose pinks to pastel pinks, pink tiles are loved for many reasons to inject fun and charm into any bathroom or kitchen scheme. When it comes to pink Zellige tiles this tone can really create an artisanal handmade feel. The Arta Rosewater is a brick tile in a delicate pink, appearing as though hand painted with watercolours. For a brighter pastel pink, the Safi Blossom is a square tile with variations in tone and shine, ticking the boxes for a classic Zellige tile.

In conclusion, Zellige tiles are a captivating display of Moroccan craftsmanship, characterised by their artisanal appearance, glazed finish, and a lovely range of pigments. While traditionally made in Morocco, modern iterations of Zellige style tiles crafted from porcelain and ceramics offer a stronger and more practical option. The beauty of Zellige has grown exponentially in recent years due to its diverse tones, glazes, depths, and shades, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of interior design applications. From the timeless elegance of white Zellige to the rustic allure of rich bottle green, the warmth of earth-toned options, and the playful charm of delicate pink tiles, Zellige tiles have become a popular choice for those seeking to infuse their spaces with character and cultural richness. These tiles not only enhance the aesthetics of a room but also tell a story of Moroccan artistry, making them a truly timeless and versatile design element.