Victorian Tiles: A Guide to Choosing Patterns

Victorian Tiles: A Guide to Choosing Patterns

Victorian Tiles: A Guide to Choosing Patterns

Victorian tiles, as the name suggests, originate from the Victorian era whereby patterned tiles were a popular flooring choice, gracing hallways and kitchens alike. These decorative designs effortlessly suit older properties for their timeless and classic appeal. With a resurgence in their uses in the modern home, Victorian style tiles achieve an enduring look, working in a whole host of interior schemes. With an extensive range of hardwearing porcelain and ceramic tiles, inspired by the character of original designs, many are choosing Victorian style tiles for their home. Read our simple guide to choosing the different types of patterns and looks when it comes to Victorian tiles.

Intricate Colour Designs

First and foremost, when we think of Victorian tiles, the traditional mosaic Victorian hallway tiles come to mind, with their detailed designs and contrasting colours. Some period properties still have original Victorian tiles intact that can be carefully restored, but many are opting for the modern-day lookalikes. It is these intricate colourful designs that inspired the Grosvenor and Regent range of decorative tiles. These patterned tiles emulate the look of original Victorian flooring, but with a difference – made of porcelain, an extremely hardwearing material, and each geometric piece carefully composed into one larger tile for a simple installation, with maximum impact. These two ranges when grouted, make the individual parts appear as their own intricate piece, laid one by one to form a full Victorian style patterned floor. The Grosvenor is available in Burgundy and Blue colour designs, with a more detailed pattern. The Regent, available in Burgundy, Blue and Green offers a simpler design but with an effective chequerboard or cabochon style and look.

Victorian Tiles Regent Range

Rustic Patterns

When it comes to rustic patterns, Victorian style tiles can evoke a certain charm that recalls back to the Victorian era. These tiles are characterised by intricate patterns with an antique appearance, adding a touch of vintage sophistication to any space. It is the aged look to these tiles that can help emulate a rustic feel and are a wonderful option when it comes to choosing Victorian tile patterns, especially for older or traditional style properties. The Palazzo range of decorative tiles are available in four designs with earthy tones of off-white and charcoal. Palazzo Torino is much-loved for its ability to work in a range of spaces whether as a bathroom floor tile, hallway tiles, or patterned kitchen tiles. More rustic style designs include the Everly patterned ceramic tiles, Arles Modele decorative tiles and Ophelia White patterned ceramic tiles.

Monochrome Prints

Black and white tiles have long been loved for their sophisticated and classic appeal. Their monochromatic charm and ability to work in traditional and contemporary spaces make them versatile, with much of the Victorian style era involving black and white tiles. This look can incorporate intricate patterns and striking contrast between black and white hues, whether a geometric motif or floral design. We recommend choosing monochrome patterns for those seeking to recreate the charm of the Victorian period in contemporary settings. A few favourites include the Demi Mono decorative tiles which can be laid in various patterns, the chequerboard pattern being particularly effective. The Emile patterned tiles offer more of a grey scale design that provides a softer contrast. The Fiorella Mono is a monochrome tile with an elegant pattern and a traditional feel. All made of porcelain or ceramic, these Victorian style tiles offer an easy maintenance alternative.

Floral Decoratives

The final round up for choosing Victorian tile patterns is to opt for floral decoratives. Victorian-style tiles are often renowned for their intricate floral designs, which epitomise the romantic aesthetics of the Victorian era. The beauty of patterned tiles is the effect created once laid across flooring – a tile on its own may appear simple, but the design is best appreciated when in a full room setting. If we were to pick a range that encapsulates the Victorian style tile and a floral decorative, then the Penrose range would be top of our list. A perfect balance of rustic charm brought to modern day as a hardwearing ceramic tile, the Penrose range is available in four shades and features delicate petal motifs that form a flower shape. Choose the Penrose floral patterned tiles as a hallway tile or bathroom flooring for an effortless Victorian style floor.

Victorian Tiles Penrose Range