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On Trend: Kit Kat Tiles

On Trend: Kit Kat Tiles

A popular trend set to stay for 2024, Kit Kat tiles are being used more and more in bathrooms and kitchens as a unique wall covering, offering an impactful and decorative look. Read to learn more and be inspired by these small but beautiful mosaic finger tiles.  

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Kit Kat tiles are a style of tile that, as the name suggests, resemble the popular chocolate bar, featuring small, rectangular tiles arranged in a grid pattern. Often made of porcelain or ceramic in a mosaic format, Kit Kat or finger tiles are admired for their streamlined linear appearance, working with contemporary bathrooms and kitchens. These slender designs can be laid horizontally or vertically, making them both versatile and effective in a range of interior schemes. Available in a larger tile with grooves for grout between each ‘Kit Kat’, Kit Kat tiles or fluted tiles are easy to install whilst offering an impactful look of individual finger tiles.

Bold and Colourful

Many homeowners are now seeing bathrooms as an opportunity to express their creativity and play with colour, choosing bolder schemes and eye-catching designs. The Sundae range of Kit Kat tiles match this trend perfectly - available in 6 fun colourways. For a touch of colour with a pastel palette, try the Sundae Strawberry for a soft pretty pink, or the Sundae Mint for a subtle and fresh green. To add some drama, the Sundae Cherry stick tile is a striking rich pink. This range of finger mosaic tiles have a slight fluted edge to them that can be grouted flush to the tile, meaning you can experiment with grout colours, from a simple off white to a contrasting grout colour. Whether applied to a single wall, used to create a colourful splashback, or combined with the Sundae metro tiles for a full bathroom scheme, these Kit Kat tiles are sure to inject fun, embracing the trend of vivid colours in contemporary interior design

Perfect Neutrals

If you love the Kit Kat tile trend but are wanting something more subtle, than the range of neutral Kit Kat tiles are for you! Classic neutrals such as white, grey, or beige can be chosen to complement an array of interior schemes and styles, with the slender Kit Kat tile format elevating a bathroom and introducing a slightly more modern touch compared to a traditional subway tile format. The Nori Pearl stick tiles come in a high gloss finish with subtle variation and a delicate antiquing, emulating the look of handmade Zellige tiles. For a matte alternative, the Sundae Coconut is an off-white with minimal variation. Perfect for a classic white bathroom feel with a contemporary twist! For a warmer palette, the Sundae Caramel or Sundae Earl Grey are the ultimate calming neutral shades.

Moody Tones

A final look for trending Kit Kat tiles is to opt for moody tones. Kit Kat tiles with rich, darker hues add a statement and create a sense of drama to a bathroom space. The Nori range of stick tiles have a high gloss finish that reflect the light wonderfully adding depth and dimension. For a moody black wall tile, the Nori Midnight features varying charcoal tones and can be used with a matching grout colour to seamlessly blend each tile. The Nori Forest is a popular dark green mosaic Kit Kat tile with tonal emerald hues that work effortlessly in bathroom tile schemes or as a moody kitchen splashback.

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