Moroccan Inspired Tile Ideas

5 Moroccan Inspired Tile Ideas

5 Moroccan Inspired Tile Ideas

Moroccan tiles are renowned for their intricate patterns, rich colours, and timeless feel. They have long been admired for their ability to transform any space with a unique charm and character. From sophisticated patterns to glazed Zellige style tiles, our five Moroccan tile ideas offer inspiration for traditional and contemporary interiors. Whether you're wanting to transform your kitchen, bathroom, hallway or any other area of your home, these ideas will help you be inspired by Moroccan tiles.

When we think of Moroccan bathroom tiles, we picture square tiles with deep vibrant hues and a unique glazed finish. Enter the Farini Cinnamon with rich burnt orange to red tones in a Zellige-style high shine, perfect for bathroom shower and wall tiles. With a pattern repeat of 30 tiles and a high variation, you can achieve an authentic Moroccan inspired look opting for this hardwearing white body ceramic.

Moroccan Tiles Farini Cinnamon Glazed Decorative
Moroccan Tiles Farini Glazed

2. Black and White Patterned Tiles

Black and white patterned Moroccan tiles are characterised by intricate designs with an antique appearance, adding a touch of charm to any space. It is the aged look to these tiles that help emulate an authentic feel and are a wonderful option when it comes to choosing Moroccan inspired tile ideas, especially for older or traditional properties. The Palazzo range of decorative tiles are available in four designs with earthy tones of off-white and charcoal. Palazzo Torino and Palazzo Caserta are much-loved for their ability to work in a range of spaces whether as bathroom flooring, hallway tiles, or patterned kitchen tiles.

3. Earth Green Decorative Tiles

Earthy green Moroccan tiles are a captivating design element that effortlessly blends nature's hues with intricate patterns. Two of our favourites include the Positano decorative ceramic tiles and Santa Fe decorative ceramic tiles. These tiles can bring a sense of serenity and harmony to interior spaces, with rustic tones of off white, earth green and beige and an aged finish. The design of each tile is beautifully repeated when seen across an entire floor, offering a Moroccan style tile that transcends design trends.

4. Classic White Zellige Tiles

Zellige tiles originate from Morocco and so it goes without saying that white Zellige tiles are a favourite choice, with recognition for their timeless beauty, ability to brighten any space and to complement all interior schemes. These Moroccan inspired tiles are a wonderful option for bathroom tiles, shower tiles and kitchen splashbacks, with varying white hues and a classic feel. The Safi Seashell is a delicate tonal tile in a square format, offering a high shine glazed ceramic with a handmade look and authentic variation.

5. Rustic Vibrant Printed Tiles

A final Moroccan inspired tile idea has to be rustic yet vibrant printed tiles. Combining the best parts of old-world charm and bold, contemporary flair, these tiles carry the essence of Morocco's rich design heritage, with intricate patterns and handcrafted imperfections that capture a rustic quality. The Pamplona Rosso porcelain tiles hold beautiful character with a rich red and blue print and aged detail. Whether used as a kitchen splashback, a feature wall in a living room, or an eye-catching accent in a bathroom, these tiles provide warm, making them a perfect choice for those seeking a bold and distinctive aesthetic that exudes character and personality.