Grey kitchen tile ideas and inspiration

Grey Kitchen Tiles Ideas

Grey Kitchen Tiles Ideas

The colour grey is one that has come and gone throughout the years, yet remains a timeless shade used again and again. It is a colour often associated with calmness, practicality, and balance. Grey tiles are a perfect flooring choice, working beautifully as kitchen tiles. Whether it’s a soft pale grey or a rich grey with variation from tile to tile, the beauty of grey kitchen tiles is their ability to add depth and character to any space. Read more for grey kitchen tile ideas and how to use this versatile colourway as kitchen flooring.

Grey Limestone Tiles

Grey limestone tiles offer a truly timeless floor tile working in a whole range of kitchen schemes and styles. The Farrow Grey tumbled limestone is a longstanding favourite, featuring beautiful tonal variations from dove grey through to soft anthracite. The oxidisation of iron offers warm copper hues, creating an ageless charm. This grey neutral toned natural stone lends itself to both modern and country projects alike, whilst the mineral and fossil detail evident, make it practical as grey kitchen flooring.

Grey Kitchen Tiles Farrow Grey Limestone Flooring

Grey Kitchen Tile Ideas Farrow Grey Limestone Flooring

Channelling the farmhouse flagstone look, the Clermont Gris lightly tumbled is a lovely grey tumbled limestone kitchen tile that features subtle tonal variations throughout. The varying grey hues within this stone blend beautifully, with a slight warmth and a country charm. Grey stone flooring helps to achieve the effortless farmhouse kitchen feel with a lived-in appearance and rustic appeal. The lightly tumbled finish and natural fossil appearances in this grey tile gives a soft texture and detail to the floor.

Grey Kitchen Tile Ideas Farmhouse Grey Limestone Tiles

Grey Kitchen Tiles Limestone Tiles Farmhouse Flagstones

Grey Marble Flooring

Marble is known for its luxurious look and feel, having been used for centuries to form statues, grace grand buildings and laid as flooring - it is no wonder people love grey marble tiles for kitchens. With unique veining, patterning and details, a marble floor tile will elevate any kitchen and is an elegant option for grey natural stone flooring. The Parisian collection of marble tiles offers four combinations of white and grey marble tiles, whether you opt for a pastel grey tile like the Parisian Grey, or the Parisian Chequerboard marble used as kitchen tiles.

Grey Kitchen Tile Ideas Parisian Chequerboard Marble Tiles

Grey Kitchen Tile Ideas Parisian Grey Tumbled Marble Tiles

Grey Stone Effect Kitchen Tiles

Grey kitchen tile ideas aren’t limited to natural stone, but there is also a wide range of grey porcelain tiles perfect as kitchen flooring! Stone effect tiles offer a wonderful alternative to real stone and are an extremely hardwearing and durable material. For a classic grey stone effect tile the Hambleton Grey is a popular option with a subtle tumbled edge and consistent neutral grey tone – this porcelain is available small and large format sizes, as well as being suitable for outdoor use in a 20mm grip paver.

Grey Kitchen Tiles Ideas Hambleton Grey Stone Effect Tiles

Hambleton Grey Stone Effect Porcelain Kitchen Tile

If you’re looking for a grey porcelain tile with greater variation, the Provence Grigio porcelain is a great choice for kitchen flooring with a slightly industrial feel and a beautiful mix of tones from mid grey to dark anthracite. The soft tumbling effect of this porcelain lends itself to barn conversions and modern country kitchens. Another option for grey kitchen tiles is the Montpellier Gris stone effect porcelain which is a characterful porcelain with a blend of rich grey tones, tumbled effect edges and a subtle warmth. Grey tiles have the ability to work with navy blue kitchens effortlessly – read our post on navy blue kitchen ideas for further inspiration.

Grey Kitchen Tiles Ideas Provence Grigio Stone Effect Tiles

Provence Grigio Porcelain

Grey Kitchen Tiles Ideas Montpellier Gris Stone Effect Tiles

Montpellier Gris Porcelain

Grey Splashback Tiles

Not only can grey kitchen tiles be used for flooring, but this colourway is also popular for kitchen splashback tiles from metro and subway tiles to glazed square tiles. When it comes to grey metro tiles, there are a few classic choices such as the Primrose Smoke gloss metro which is a larger metro tile with clean edges and a consistent pale grey tone. For a slightly darker metro tile, the Jelly Spoon is a soft mid-grey in a slimmer format with slightly uneven edges for a handmade feel. Read our post on kitchen splashback tile ideas for more inspiration.

Grey Splashback Tiles Primrose-Smoke-Gloss-Metro-Tiles
Grey Splashback Tiles Jelly Spoon Gloss Metro Tiles

Those wanting a warmer take on grey kitchen tiles will love the Farini range of glazed square tiles with their handmade feel and earthy tones. Farini Smoke is a delicate dusky grey in a glossy finish offering a fail-safe neutral splashback tile. Whilst the Farini Mushroom features richer ash grey hues also in a glossy finish. These tiles are also certified B Corp and made of 20-40% recycled materials making them a more eco-conscious alternative for kitchen wall tiles.

Grey Kitchen Tile Ideas Farini Smoke Glazed Decorative
Grey Kitchen Tile Ideas Farini Mushroom Glazed Decorative

Grey Patterned Floor Tiles

A final grey kitchen tile idea is to opt for grey patterned tiles. These floor tiles have the ability to add a little pattern and design whilst keeping the colour palette subtle and neutral. The Everly patterned ceramic tiles offer a classic floral motif in a soft grey working beautifully for modern country kitchens. Inspired by Moroccan tiles, the Casablanca Dalila has a tactile off-white base with a delicate block print petal pattern, creating a handmade feel. In a small 123x123 square tile, these grey patterned tiles are an excellent choice for kitchen splashbacks as well as floor tiles.

Grey Kitchen Ideas Everly Patterned Ceramic Tiles
Grey Kitchen Tile Ideas Casablanca Dalila Patterned Tiles


We hope this post has provided plenty of grey kitchen tile ideas! If you’re wanting more kitchen inspiration, read our blog on kitchen flooring trends, as well as a post featuring five favourite kitchen paint colours paired with our tiles. We invite you to visit one of our UK showrooms for large floor and wall displays of our grey kitchen tiles. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us for any questions or advice!