Five Favourite Kitchen Paint Colours

Five Favourite Kitchen Paint Colours

Five Favourite Kitchen Paint Colours

Whether you want to design a light and airy space, create a warm and inviting ambiance, or are looking for a modern contemporary feel to your kitchen, the colour theme you choose will play an integral part in developing your interior style. We have had the opportunity to be involved in many kitchen renovations, so we have decided to list five of our favourite kitchen colours that will help to inspire your next project!

The Green Kitchen


Green kitchens have grown in popularity in recent years due to the versatile tones this colour provides. Many of our customers have opted for a green kitchen in shades varying from muted, pale green to rich, darker green. The paint this customer used for their island and cabinetry is Caparol ‘Pinie’ (5), this rich green perfectly complements the Hambleton Ivory stone effect porcelain which has subtle variation from tile to tile, and a soft tumbling effect. We hope to see more of these bold green statement colours in 2023!


The Navy Kitchen


Second on our list is the trusty navy kitchen. Navy cabinets have been at the top spot for kitchen interiors for several years, with no sign of it changing! This barn conversion has been completely transformed with the Provence Grigio stone effect porcelain accompanied with kitchen cabinetry by Omega Kitchens, painted in Farrow & Ball ‘Railings’. The Provence Grigio stone effect porcelain offers a beautiful mix of greys, from pale grey to anthracite, and the intricate print and subtle variation makes this stone effect porcelain hard to distinguish from a natural limestone! Provence Grigio is the perfect pairing for any navy kitchen and looks beautiful in this industrial barn conversion. 


The Pink Kitchen

Primrose Smoke Gloss Kitchen Tiles Wall Splashback

A popular interior statement for this year is the pink kitchen. It works beautifully on the walls or cabinets and complements the Versailles limestone with its softly aged finish and pale wash tones featuring delicate fossil details and markings. Pink is a fun yet versatile colour and can be paired with grey, white, blue or even dark green for a modern finish. Exposed raw plaster on the walls also adds to the earthy pink tones of this kitchen whilst maintaining a classic quintessential country kitchen design. This customer kitchen used Farrow & Ball 'Drop Cloth' on the cabinets and 'Elephant's Breath' for the island - a mid grey with a hint of pink. Read their full case study here.

The Grey Kitchen

Carrara Gloss Metro Tiles Difference Between Subway Tiles

Orkeney Green Metro Tiles Difference Between Subway Tiles

Next on our list is the grey kitchen, which has remained a popular choice for several years. Grey kitchens offer a timeless interior style which can be used for both modern contemporary and country style homes. The customer has chosen Farrow & Ball ‘Moles Breath’ for their grey kitchen island, paired with the Cordelia White stone effect porcelain. This porcelain has a contemporary feel and flowing movement on the face of each tile, replicating the look of natural stone tiles. Stone effect porcelain is an ever-popular choice for family homes, due to their scratch resistant characteristics and easy to clean surface.

The White Kitchen

Difference between metro tiles and subway tiles tile samples

A white kitchen creates a bright and spacious feel and remains favourable due to providing a blank canvas. This customer used Neptune ‘Driftwood’ to paint their kitchen cabinetry and ‘Limestone’ by Mylands for their walls. To add a pop of colour, green foliage has been added and sits beautifully underneath the rattan pendants, alongside the woven storage baskets. This all works effortlessly to combine the rustic farmhouse and modern country house design. To continue the rustic farmhouse style, the Clermont Gris lightly tumbled limestone was carefully selected for its subtle grey variations, soft texture and delicate fossils, which blend with a slight warmth and lived-in charm, the ultimate rustic natural stone. 

We hope this article on five of our favourite kitchen colours has helped inspire you for your own kitchen renovation project. Our UK showrooms showcase our collection of natural stone and porcelain tiles, with paint charts and colour wheels to help you with your decision making!