Best Stone Floors For Kitchens
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Best Stone Floors For Kitchens

One of the top questions customers ask is 'what are the best stone floors for kitchens and busy family homes?'. Often people want to know a little bit more about the characteristics of different flooring options and how they will work best for their project. As direct importers for over 25 years, we have developed an expertise in sourcing the best quality natural stone and porcelain tiles, with our range offering both beauty and practicality. We’ve put together a simple overview of each material and why they could be the best choice for stone flooring in your kitchen.

Limestone Tiles

A classic stone that has been utilised as kitchen floor tiles for centuries is limestone tiles. Its ability to stand the test of time proves what a hard-wearing and durable stone floor this can be. Naturally, some limestones are denser than others and our collection has been curated with this in mind, resulting in a practical yet characterful kitchen floor. A firm favourite amongst customers is our Dijon limestone - a stone we have specialised in for over 15 years. The beauty of limestone is ever changing as the stone becomes lived in over time – there is something very special about installing a historic piece of stone in your home. As with any natural stone flooring, we recommend sealing after installation with a re-seal every 3-5 years depending on the level of traffic. For tips and tricks on maintaining your stone floor in the kitchen, read our informative guide on cleaning natural stone tiles!

Marble Tiles

An often overlooked stone for the kitchen - marble tiles can make an elegant yet practical kitchen flooring option. Marbles take very well to neoclassical designs including chequerboards and diamond-laid formats with cabochon inserts. This can help achieve a classic yet contemporary feel and is the perfect stone for a timeless kitchen floor full of grandeur. As with limestones, our marble tiles come in a range of finishes to suit your particular kitchen style. We often find the most practical stone finish for a kitchen is tumbled. A softly tumbled, imperfect finish makes for a forgiving choice in busy areas. This finish often yields stunning pastel tones that blend seamlessly with kitchen interiors. The 'Parisian' marble tile collection is a wonderful example of this.

Stone Effect Porcelain Tiles

A stone effect porcelain tile is a brilliant compromise for those who want a maintenance free kitchen floor but still love the look of a natural stone. Our range of stone effect tiles are procured from Italy and Spain - being the most advanced manufacturers in the world of porcelain floor tiles, results in a highly realistic print with a rectified finish. A rectified finish allows for ultra narrow grout joints and ensures the main focus is on the tile themselves. Our stone effect porcelain come in numerous styles that range from sleek and contemporary with straight cut edges, to more rustic designs with worn edges. Their scratch resistant surface and colour bodied clay make these a practical choice for family kitchens. If you are thinking of taking it one step further then our porcelain tiles are not limited to kitchen flooring. Many of our ranges are also suitable for exterior use in a grip finish - why not flow your kitchen floor straight outside onto the patio to create an infinity feel.

Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles

Thinking of laying real wood on your kitchen floor? Think again. Wood effect porcelain tiles are a great alternative for those who love the look of wood but are put off by the upkeep a real wood requires. Unlike real wood, these porcelain wood effect floor tiles work well with underfloor heating systems and are scratch resistant - a real win for kitchen floors! As with any porcelain, a high-quality graphic is essential to create the most realistic effect. We only source our tiles from select manufacturers in Spain and Italy who are at the forefront of design. Some of our wood effect porcelain tiles even have a textured feel to give you the ultimate wood imitation - with all the practicalities of porcelain. A great tip is to ensure your fitter achieves a narrow joint with a complimentary grout colour to produce the most seamless finish. For further information, we highly recommend reading our article on why you should choose wood effect porcelain.

Sandstone Tiles

A sandstone is often used for outdoor paving but with the right finish it can be a wonderful choice for kitchen floors. As with any stone, sandstones differ in their composition and density, and thus some are more suitable than others for kitchen flooring. We have used our natural stone expertise to introduce a new selection of sandstone tiles. Our sandstone is finished in a way that is practical for kitchen floors whilst still maintaining the tactile nature of the stone. Our sandstone tiles are suitable for exteriors - making a brilliant opportunity to carry your kitchen floor outside and create one large, seamless space.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to clean kitchen stone floors?

Many have the misconception that a kitchen stone floor will be hard to maintain and keep tiles clean, however natural stone and porcelain do offer very forgiving surfaces for kitchens and are practical and hardwearing. With a few simple steps followed, it is easy to look after your stone flooring. Read more on our helpful post on how to clean natural stone tiles.

Do you need to seal kitchen stone tiles?

Natural stone does need sealing upon installation which will act as a protective barrier against water and stains. This is very important for a kitchen floor that will see plenty of footfall and will ensure your floor stays its best. Porcelain, however, is a manmade product and does not require sealing. Some high-gloss porcelain may need sealing, but the majority of porcelain for kitchens is in a natural, matte finish.

Is natural stone suitable for kitchen flooring?

Yes! Natural stone is perfectly suitable for kitchen floor tiles. It is naturally dense with characteristics that make it forgiving and durable for busy family homes. With the correct installation and ensuring you seal the tiles they will stand the test of time in your kitchen space. Natural stone is ideal for those wanting to create a rustic country kitchen look but with practicality.

Is porcelain suitable for kitchen flooring?

Yes! Similarly, porcelain is perfectly suitable for kitchen floor tiles. It is a man-made product fired at an extremely high temperature to offer a strong and hardwearing tile. Porcelain is near enough stain resistant so is a wonderful choice for those with kids or pets who are worried over staining and marks.