Is Beige the New Grey? Colour Trend

Is Beige the New Grey? Colour Trend

One of the joys of our industry is working closely with customers and all their exciting projects. Whether its floor tiles, paint, kitchen cabinets or upholstery, choosing the right colour palette is important and there are plenty of decisions to be made. Whilst grey is a timeless favourite for interiors, we have started to see a rise in popularity of neutral beige tones. Posing the question, is beige the new grey?

We’re sharing a selection of our natural stone and porcelain with a warmer palette, from rich honey hues through to soft, light beige - and we hope it gives you a little bit of colour inspiration!

Dijon tumbled

The Dijon tumbled limestone tile is an ever-popular choice with its beige-to-grey tones and beautifully tumbled finish. This limestone has the ability to add light to any space, suiting a range of interiors with its subtle natural veining, minerals and fossils.

Dijon Tumbled Limestone Tiles

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Dijon seasoned

A new finish to our Dijon limestone, we introduced Dijon seasoned at the start of the year. The seasoned finish creates a weathered and rustic feel, while breathing in a little more of the warmer, tones to this limestone.
Dijon Seasoned Limestone Tiles

Tuscany tumbled

The Tuscany limestone emulates a true rustic and country feel. This stone features lovely sandy tones with soft, flowing movement across each tile.

Buscot Tumbled Limestone Tiles

Loire rustique

A luxurious choice, our collection of French limestones offer many shades of beige, creams and browns. Loire rustique is a particular favourite with its honey tones and natural character and beauty.

Loire Rustique French Limestone Tiles