White Kitchen Tiles Ideas

White Kitchen Tiles Ideas

White Kitchen Tile Ideas

White kitchen tiles exude a timeless elegance and a sense of freshness that never goes out of style. With their ability to brighten and enlarge even the smallest of spaces, white kitchen tiles are an ever popular choice for homeowners and designers alike. Whether you are looking for a white limestone floor, stone effect tiles or a kitchen splashback, white tiles offer endless possibilities for creating an inviting and airy kitchen with many options displayed in our UK showrooms. Read more for white kitchen tile ideas and how to use this versatile colourway as kitchen flooring.

White Kitchen Tiles - Natural Stone

Starting with natural stone, white limestone tiles offer a kitchen floor option that is understated in nature whilst also being unique and enduring. The Kensington tumbled limestone tiles display off white to grey hues with elegant sweeping mottling, the occasional copper fleck and delicate veining, providing depth and warmth to each limestone tile. This natural stone complements navy or blue kitchens effortlessly. Read our post on navy kitchen tile ideas for more inspiration.

White kitchen tile ideas Kensington limestone tiles

Grey Kitchen Tile Ideas Farrow Grey Limestone Flooring

Another favourite natural material for kitchen tiles is sandstone flooring. The Abbey time worn sandstone tiles offers white through to ivory and beige hues, with a soft flowing movement and intricate details. The soft putty tones of this natural stone and the subtle texture make the Abbey sandstone much more forgiving than a pure white tile, whilst still providing a light and airy feel to your kitchen. Combine with pale oak and painted cabinetry for a modern country kitchen.

White kitchen tile ideas Abbey sandstone tiles

White kitchen tile ideas Abbey sandstone tiles

White Kitchen Tiles – Porcelain

Moving to porcelain, stone effect porcelain is a wonderful alternative to natural stone. It does not require sealing and is practically maintenance free! With the porcelain industry becoming more advanced, there are a whole range of white porcelain tiles on the market. If you’re wanting a contemporary kitchen space, then rectified and straight edges are the best idea for white kitchen tiles. The Cordelia White stone effect porcelain is a large format tile in a soft white hue with subtle veining across the tiles. Opt for a narrow grout joint from 3mm for a clean and sleek look. The Tiverton White Pearl stone effect tiles are equally a popular choice with a straight edge and neutral white flecking on the face of each tile to replicate the appearance of real stone.

White kitchen tile ideas Cordelia White porcelain

Cordelia White Porcelain

White kitchen tile ideas Tiverton White Pearl porcelain

Tiverton White Pearl Porcelain

Those interested in recreating the popular country kitchen look will love the Dorchester Aged White porcelain tiles with a tumbled effect edge and warm white tones from tile to tile. Install with a wide grout joint of 10mm for a rustic tumbled appearance, or a thinner grout width of 3-5mm for a slightly modern country take. The Dorchester Aged White porcelain is made of minimum 40% recycled materials making it a more eco-conscious alternative for kitchen flooring.

More white kitchen tile ideas include the Hambleton Ivory stone effect porcelain loved for its neutral ivory tones and tumbled effect edge. Available in 3 different tile sizes for indoor, this porcelain is perfect for all sized kitchens. The realistic print and subtle variation from tile to tile lends itself beautifully to country-style kitchens and homes.

White kitchen tiles ideas Dorchester Aged White stone effect porcelain

Dorchester Aged White Porcelain

White kitchen tile ideas Hambleton Ivory porcelain

Hambleton Ivory Porcelain

White Patterned Tiles

White patterned tiles have the ability to add a little pattern and design whilst keeping the colour palette neutral for kitchens. With these kitchen tiles there are many options from white terrazzo effect to white floral prints that work with different styled spaces. 

The Confetti Pearl terrazzo effect tiles offer a fun 200x200 square tile with a white base and contrasting colourful flecks, giving a terrazzo retro tile look to contemporary kitchens. For a larger format terrazzo tile, the Terrazzo Mono porcelain is a great choice in a monochrome palette and a full bodied tile replicating the look of original terrazzo tiles without the upkeep of sealing.

White kitchen tile ideas Confetti Pearl terrazzo effect tiles
White kitchen tile ideas Terrazzo Mono terrazzo effect tile

Another way with white patterned tiles is vintage-feel rustic patterned tiles. The Ophelia White ceramic tiles and Penrose White ceramic tiles encapsulate this trend perfectly with varying white tones, a floral motif and worn edge effect.

White kitchen tile ideas Ophelia White patterned tiles
White kitchen tile ideas Penrose White patterned tiles

White Splashback Tiles

A post all about white kitchen tile ideas wouldn’t be complete without classic white splashback tiles! For a fail-safe white subway tile, look no further than the Orkney White metro tiles in a soft matt finish and consistent tone – lay in a herringbone pattern to elevate the design of a simple kitchen wall tile. Square white Zellige style tiles are also a favourite for their ability to bounce light around a space from their gloss finish. The Pastello Seashell gloss square tiles are a delicate off white with beautiful tonal variation made of 20-40% recycled materials and B Corp certified. Find further kitchen splashback tile ideas here.

White kitchen tile ideas Orkney White herringbone tiles
Grey Splashback Tiles Jelly Spoon Gloss Metro Tiles


We hope this post has provided plenty of white kitchen tile ideas! If you’re wanting more kitchen inspiration, read our blog on kitchen flooring trends, as well as a post featuring five favourite kitchen paint colours paired with our tiles. We invite you to visit one of our UK showrooms for large floor and wall displays of our white kitchen tiles. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us for any questions or advice!