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10 Natural Stone Floor Ideas

Offering beauty and practicality, natural stone flooring is the perfect choice when it comes to floor tiles. Natural stone tiles are an enduring and diverse floor covering offering dense and hardwearing materials and an authentic array of shades and detailing. As direct importers of stone floor tiles since 1995 and having an extensive and curated collection of quality natural stone, we wanted to share 10 natural stone flooring ideas for your own home and project. 

1. Timeless Limestone Floor Tiles

A floor is an investment in the home and one that will not outdate is limestone flooring. Limestone floor tiles are a timeless and classic option, providing neutral colours and hardwearing characteristics. Limestone is a sedimentary rock, formed over millions of years - a combination of sediments, broken seashells, coral and the remains of aquatic animals deposited on the waterbed slowly compresses over time into a hard rock. With this in mind, it is naturally dense and very forgiving, and part of the charm of many limestone tiles is the evident fossilisation and veining. One of our favourites would be the Monte Carlo tumbled limestone flooring with its creamy honey tones and large format tile, working in a whole host of different spaces.

Natural Stone Flooring Monte Carlo Tumbled
Natural Stone Floor Tile Ideas Monte Carlo Tumbled

2. Sandstone Kitchen Flooring

If you are wanting a buff-coloured floor tile for your kitchen, then sandstone flooring is a wonderful choice! Offering the ultimate neutral floor with soft pale wash tones and unique texture, sandstone, like limestone, is a hardwearing and a practical option ideal for kitchen tiles. Buff coloured sandstone tiles complement the much-loved modern country look and work with an array of different paint colours. The Abbey sandstone is a beautiful product offering for sandstone kitchen flooring.

Abbey Time Worn Sandstone Flooring Ideas

3. Marble Floor Tiles

A natural stone that is known for its luxurious and distinctive appearance, marble has been used for centuries to form statues and monuments, gracing grand buildings, and used in architecture, as well as marble flooring. Marble is a metamorphic rock formed by the alteration of limestone by heat and pressure (thermal metamorphism). Real marble tiles offer a range of shades such as white, grey and black, through to more vibrant tones such as greens, blues, pinks and reds. With unique veining, patterning and details, a marble floor tile will elevate any space and is an elegant option for natural stone flooring. The Parisian Manoir cabochon marble floor tiles sit beautifully in this grand entrance against navy panelling and exposed oak beams. 

Natural Stone Floor Parisian Manoir Marble Flooring


Natural Stone Flooring Parisian Manoir Tumbled Marble Floor Tiles


4. Grey Flagstone Flooring

Grey is a colour that has come and gone throughout the years - whilst warmer tones are also popular options, there is something so classic about grey flagstone flooring. Whether it’s a soft pale grey or a rich grey with variation from tile to tile, the beauty of natural stone and flagstone floor tiles is that no two tiles are ever the same – we think a grey limestone adds depth and character to any space. A wonderful grey flagstone floor tile is the Farrow Grey limestone, featuring beautiful tonal variations from dove grey through to soft anthracite. The oxidisation of iron offers warm copper hues, creating a timeless charm. This grey neutral toned natural stone lends itself to both modern and country projects alike, whilst the mineral and fossil detail evident, make it a forgiving choice for natural stone kitchen flooring.

Natural Stone Flooring Ideas Farrow Grey Tumbled Limestone


Natural Stone Flooring Ideas Farrow Grey Tumbled Limestone


5. Matching Indoor Outdoor Tiles

A great idea for natural stone flooring is to opt for matching indoor and outdoor tiles to create the ultimate seamless flow from inside to out. Many limestones are frost resistant and suitable for gardens and exterior use, usually in a thicker 20mm or 30mm tile than internal tiles. Paired with bifold or crittall doors, matching indoor outdoor stone tiles bring the beauty of an outdoor space and garden into your kitchen or open plan living area, perfect for summer days with the doors wide open. A popular option for this is the Clermont Gris aged-tumbled limestone tiles and pavers. Its classic grey tone and delicate fossils details blend seamlessly from indoors to out, with a rustic feel from the aged tumbled finish.

Natural Stone Flooring Trends Clermont Gris Aged Tumbled Limestone

6. French Limestone Flooring

One natural stone flooring that stands a cut above the rest is premium French limestone floor tiles. These tiles are sourced and handcrafted in France, offering finishes such as tumbled, chiselled edge, bush hammered and pillow edge. With French limestone flooring in a range of colours from grey, beige, blues and other rich tones, there is a floor tile for every project – whether a modern country style or traditional heritage buildings and character properties. There is something entirely unique and enduring in French limestone and the Bordeaux Aged Chateau French limestone beautifully encapsulates the rustic and charming look of a natural stone floor you would see in traditional French Chateaus.

Natural Stone Flooring Bordeaux Aged Chateau French Limestone
Natural Stone Floor Tiles Bordeaux Aged Chateau French Limestone

7. Rustic Beige Flagstone Flooring

Following on from the rustic country flooring look, beige flagstone flooring is a popular natural stone tile for its ability to work within most interior schemes and offer a colour way that is neutral and timeless. Whether it’s a warm honey beige tile or more subtle in tones, many find beige limestone tiles to be very practical as well as beautiful. The Tuscany tumbled limestone tile emulates a true rustic and country feel. This honey toned stone, features subtle tonal variation as well as rich fossilisation resulting in a characterful and forgiving limestone tile. From tile to tile, this natural stone can also display a soft flowing movement, which works perfectly as kitchen tiles and ground floors. For further ideas, browse the collection of beige limestone tiles.

Beige Natural Stone Floor Tiles Tuscany Tumbled Limestone
Natural Stone Flooring Tuscany Tumbled Tiles

8. Dijon Limestone Tiles

Dijon limestone is a lovely and versatile natural stone tile. Dijon limestone tiles are dense and hardwearing with varying shades of neutral grey through to soft beige. As leading specialists of Dijon natural stone, we offer a variety of finishes and sizes, offering the best quality and prices. The Dijon tumbled flagstone is a classic choice for its rustic tumbled edge and pastel hues, whilst the Dijon brushed offers a straight edge and textured brushed surface. This limestone is also suitable for exterior use in a Dijon outdoor paver, creating the ultimate indoor, outdoor flow with matching tiles and pavers, as well as a Dijon cobble stone.

9. Octagon Tiles for Hallways

Hallway stone flooring offers an elegant and classic look to any entrance. A space that will see a lot of footfall, natural stone flooring is up to the job for hallway tiles! If you’re wishing to emulate the look of a period property, octagon tiles, chequerboard tiles or cabochon hallway tiles are excellent choices. The Versailles Manoir limestone tiles offer a subtle yet beautiful stone, with a softly aged finish, yielding pale wash tones and delicate fossil details. Seen in this grand entrance, they strike the perfect balance of a traditional style floor with a practical country twist.

Natural Stone Flooring Hallway Tiles Versailles Manoir Limestone

10. White Stone Tiles

To conclude our 10 natural stone floor tile ideas, white stone tiles remain a much-loved shade of flooring, brightening any space whether large or small. If you are looking for the ultimate neutral natural stone tile, then off-white limestone tiles tick the box. The Kensington tumbled limestone is a sophisticated stone tile, understated in its nature, it works harmoniously against both contemporary and traditional interiors – making it one of the most versatile natural stone floors in our collection.

FAQ's Natural Stone Floor Tiles

Do I need to seal natural stone flooring?

Sealant is required for natural stone tiles and will help protect the tiles against water and oil contamination. For most indoor spaces such as kitchens, ground floors and hallways, resealing should be done every 3-5 years. For bathrooms or areas with high moisture levels, resealing may be needed more often. A great way to test if your floor needs resealing is to drop a little water onto the surface. If the sealant is still effective, the water will bead on the surface, if water soaks straight into the tiles, this is usually a sign that your natural stone floor needs resealing. Resealing is a very simple job that you can do yourself.

How do you clean natural stone tiles?

Following a few simple steps, natural stone tiles are very easy to look after. The main things to note is that it needs sealing and to use a cleaner suitable for natural stone (pH neutral cleaners). Vacuum or sweep regularly and mop only occasionally. Read our full guide on how to clean natural stone floor tiles. A wonderful feature of natural stone is its forgiving nature, thanks to natural details, fossils, and variation from tile to tile – so many of our customers are amazed at how great natural stone is at disguising day to day dirt!

Are natural stone floors suitable with underfloor heating?

Yes! Underfloor heating is perfectly suited with our natural stone following the correct installation. We strongly advise the use of anti-fracture matting, which is industry standard. This is a thin membrane that should be installed between the screed and your tiles. This membrane protects the tiles from lateral sheer movements, allowing the screed to fracture without damaging the tiles.

Do you send free natural stone tile samples?

We can send up to four complimentary samples from our curated collection of stone tiles. The perfect starting point for any project is to order hand samples. Each sample is carefully packed by our sample team and delivered straight to your door. Our stone tile hand samples are ideal to use against your paint charts, kitchen units and upholstery - within the natural light of your home. Learn more about samples.