Step inside a green kitchen with Hambleton Ivory porcelain
Step Inside

Step Inside a Green Kitchen with Hambleton Ivory Porcelain

Step Inside a Green Kitchen with Hambleton Ivory Porcelain Tiles

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. This became true for Jessica and her young family when they traded their 10 years of living in central London to move to a rural village, carrying out a kitchen renovation on a 100-year-old cottage. Now a space they treasure and enjoy as a family, step inside Jessica’s green kitchen with us, featuring the Hambleton Ivory porcelain tiles.

Tell us a little bit about the area of your home...

“We live in a lovely rural area, after nearly 10 years in London, we made the move in 2020 to gain more space as a family. We couldn’t be happier with our choice; we love our surroundings and the extra sense of space it brings. We are only a few miles away from the old town of Beaconsfield, with a parade of beautiful shops and farmers markets. Beaconsfield is also home to Britain's oldest pub - The Royal Standard, worth a visit if you are in the area.”

Hambleton Ivory stone effect tiles country kitchen

Before photo showing the kitchen extension in progress. 

What type of property do you own?

“We live in a cottage that has had lots of extensions over the last 100 years. When renovating I really wanted to reinstall some character back into the property, I didn’t want it to feel brand new, even though most of the kitchen was.”

What styles did you want to see in your renovation?

“I am inspired by so many different styles. There are elements of the modern organic trend that I have tried to bring through, combined with a classic country interior to ensure that it still felt warm and homely. I think it is important to understand what style suits your property and your lifestyle.”

Textured stone wall
Hambleton Ivory Tumbled Effect Stone Porcelain Kitchen Flooring

Why in particular did you choose the Hambleton Ivory porcelain tiles?

“I searched for ages for something that had the natural look - when we visited the Hertfordshire tile showroom we knew the Hambleton Ivory tiles were perfect, and the tumbled edges gave an authentic aged finish to them. As a family, we needed something hardwearing and low maintenance, so this porcelain was a wonderful alternative to a natural stone floor.”

Hambleton Ivory tumbled effect porcelain flooring
Hambleton Ivory tumbled effect porcelain floor tiles

What is your favourite inteior piece and why?

“I have a painting on my shelf that was passed down from my grandparents, they got it during their first holiday together to the South of France when he proposed. I not only love the painting but love the sentiment. I also love our Pooky lights that sit above the open shelving.”

Rustic painting on shelf and wall lights
Open shelving with oak beams green kitchen

What three words would you use to summarise your style?

“Goodness this is tough! I would like to think; inviting, warm & functional - not sure functional is a style but it was imperative to our design choices!”

What is a 'must have' in your new kitchen space?

“I have a few must haves… lighting is key - add dimmer switches in so you can set the mood. Sometimes bright spotlights don’t feel right for a romantic dinner. A hose on the sink - if you have a large sink like mine a hose really helps keep it clean. Equally I love my hot water tap, I love the speed and efficiency of it.”

What paint colours did you choose?

“I wanted a statement green kitchen, so chose a dark green by Caparol called ‘Pinie 5’ which works beautifully with the neutral, ivory tones of the Hambleton Ivory tiles, as well as ‘White Tie’ on the walls by Farrow & Ball.”

Hambleton Ivory porcelain flooring green kitchen ideas
Hambleton Ivory porcelain floor tiles green country kitchen

The Hambleton Ivory is a favourite for many customer kitchens, offering a stone effect porcelain with a rustic tumbled appearance. Together with the realistic print and subtle variation from tile to tile, this soft tumbling effect lends itself wonderfully as a versatile kitchen floor tile. Featuring beautiful pale grey to cream tones, this porcelain is also available in a matching 20mm outdoor tile.