Step Inside a Georgian Inspired Kitchen with Versailles Manoir
Step Inside

Step Inside a Georgian Inspired Kitchen with Versailles Manoir

Step Inside a Georgian Inspired Kitchen with Versailles Manoir

A Georgian-inspired kitchen exudes timeless elegance and classic charm. Drawing its inspiration from the architectural and design principles of the Georgian era, this kitchen style showcases a harmonious blend of balance, proportion, and refined details. Step inside a Georgian inspired kitchen featuring the Versailles Manoir softly aged limestone flooring.

Located within the Chiltern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Jennifer and her family have lived here for 3 years and renovated the entire property in two phases. Now a beautifully immaculate home complete with an orangery kitchen and dining room, we had the opportunity to photograph this lovely space and meet the owners. 

Light and airy kitchen with tiles
Kitchen tiles Versailles Manoir

The house was built in 1923 with influences from the Georgian period. When renovating, Jennifer wanted to keep a sense of character that seamlessly marries traditional aesthetics with modern functionality, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for both cooking and gathering.

Kitchen diner Versailles limestone tiles

After a visit to our Hertfordshire tile shop, the Versailles Manoir limestone tiles were selected for their neutral earthy tone, durability, and timeless look, with the grey marble inserts pairing perfectly with a cooler colour palette. Large Georgian style doors and a roof lantern flood the space with natural light, and a muted palette of soft greys and pale blues add a sense of sophistication. The kitchen is painted in Neptune ‘Lily’ and island in Neptune ‘Moss’, with the walls in Little Greene ‘Slaked Lime’.

Versailles softly aged limestone tiles
Versailles manoir limestone close up


What is your must have gadget in the kitchen?

A hot tap! I drink a lot of tea. My husband would disagree and say his Lacanche range cooker.

What was the most difficult part of your renovation?

Being out of the house and seeing our home without a roof. Packing up two toddlers a dog and moving into a little rental wasn’t easy but it was so worth it.

Where do you like to shop for interior pieces?

I love an auction!

What three words would you use to summarise your style?

Transitional, Vintage-Modern, Country

Where is your lighting from?

Pooky, the ‘Aquila’ pendant

What is your favourite thing to do in your newly renovated area?

Hosting dinner parties and enjoying a Sunday roast as a family. Plus, the way the kitchen is laid out means the kids love chasing around the island!

A subtle yet beautiful stone, the Versailles Manoir limestone tiles have a softly aged finish, yielding a pale wash tone with delicate fossil details and aged markings. Versailles Manoir is the perfect choice for customers wanting the elegance of a Georgian style floor combined with a practical country twist. The grey cabochon inserts are a complementary addition, creating depth to the floor for a truly enduring finish.

Versailles manoir softly aged limestone kitchen flooring
Indoor outdoor limestone flooring