Step Inside Kayleigh’s Provence Crema Kitchen
Step Inside

Step Inside Kayleigh’s Provence Crema Kitchen

Kayleigh and her family live in the pretty village of Mowsley which is situated on a small ridge of hills in the south Leicestershire countryside. The village is quaint and historical, with many of its properties built in the 18th and 19th centuries. ‘Our house is actually only 30 years old but has been built to look like an older building so that it is in keeping with the rest of the surrounding houses in the village’. ‘We moved here just last year, after I finally persuaded my husband that there were more benefits to living rurally than in the city – he would never move back now’.

The renovation began in September 2020 with the hope to expand the kitchen area to create a more sociable space, ‘I love entertaining and wanted a much bigger kitchen/dining area to do this’. This was Kayleigh’s second renovation, being much smaller and a lot more manageable than the first. ‘Our builders were excellent in helping us achieve our desired space and we had the main area complete just in time for Christmas which we were so happy about’.

‘We are nearly there with our project now, but there is still lots of touching up to do and a few small rooms to finish - we are just so happy that the kitchen and main parts of the house are complete’. Kayleigh’s home offers the perfect balance of modern and country. The outside of her home has been left untouched since it's build, to retain its unique character and period property aesthetic (despite it only being 30 years old!).

Inside, she has chosen a traditional shaker style kitchen from a local and bespoke kitchen company Charnwood Kitchens which has been painted in Farrow & Ball ‘Cornforth White’. The walls have been painted in the simple and neutral Farrow & Ball ‘Wimborne White’ to really brighten Kayleigh’s open space.

Modern appliances have been incorporated throughout the kitchen, with a larder cupboard and drinks cabinet offering a practical way to organise and store. The impressive drink’s cabinet stands by the entrance door and is perfect for entertaining Kayleigh's guests. These are an increasingly popular feature in modern country kitchens - and we can see why!

‘My husband’s must-have gadget for this space was definitely the coffee machine, however I would have to say mine is the range cooker’.

Kayleigh chose the Provence Crema stone effect porcelain tiles, which are perfect for the modern country home. ‘I love how much they resemble natural stone and the texture on the surface of the tiles. They also offer subtle colour variation and tumbled edges which add to their realistic appearance whilst still being low maintenance’.

We loved visiting Kayleigh’s beautiful country home and we hope you all enjoyed the read – Lauren x

Life in her new space…

What is your favourite thing to do in your newly renovated space?

‘I really love to entertain, it’s why I wanted to open up our kitchen space’.

What is your favourite interior piece and why?

‘That’s hard – I am torn between our wooden kitchen stools or the flower arrangement on the island. I love the colours and textures they both add to the kitchen’.

What was your best bargain find during your project?

‘I would have to say the mirror splash back, it was cheap from a glass store and was easy to install. It cleans well and adds light to the room as well as making it feel much bigger!’

What about your home could you not live without?

‘The kitchen area, we spend so much time in that room and it’s the time we sit together as a family and catch up on our days’.