10 Inspirational Patio Tile Design Ideas
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10 Inspirational Patio Tile Design Ideas

Gardens are spaces that have been loved and treasured for years and more of us are understanding the importance of having our own beautiful outdoor space to relax, unwind and enjoy – they truly can be an extension of your home! If you’re looking to update an existing garden or are carrying out a full renovation, we have 10 inspirational patio tile design ideas that will help to create your dream garden. Whether it’s a large English country garden or modern townhouse courtyard, there are plenty of ways to design a patio area to suit your needs. We hope you find inspiration from these garden trends and outdoor stone paving ideas.

1. Opt for matching indoor, outdoor tiles


An ever-popular option when it comes to stone pavers and tiles is to choose the same matching stone from a kitchen through to garden. This makes an ultimate inspiring indoor, outdoor living space, with many limestone and porcelain tiles being suitable for the interior and exterior - creating a seamless look. Photographed above is the Dijon tumbled limestone tile and paving. The tumbled finish offers a forgiving surface suitable for kitchens and gardens alike, whilst its beige neutral tones complement a range of styles, design and properties.

2. Create a pathway with stone cobbles

Depending on the layout of your exterior, there can often be a need for path and walkways to reach different areas. A beautiful way to create a pathway is to use natural stone cobbles – these Clermont Gris grey limestone cobbles add a charm and elegance, as well as providing a textured and hardwearing surface underfoot. A pathway not only offers a practical element, but also breaks up the landscaping of your garden and leads the eye through to your patio.

3. Choose wood effect pavers

Brompton Oak Wood Effect Porcelain Patio Paving UK Delivery Inspirational

Following recent trends and advances in the porcelain paving market, wood effect porcelain pavers are a newer addition to Quorn Stone’s range and a wonderful choice for patio design ideas. The difference to indoor wood effect and outdoor wood effect is the thickness and finish. Wood effect paving is usually 20mm thick with a R11 grip finish making it suitable for exterior. These wood look planks are perfect for coastal inspiration or more contemporary spaces to mimic a wood deck but offering a safer and more hardwearing option. Above are the Brompton Oak wood effect pavers which are a lovely mid-toned oak tile that will work with many garden design schemes.

4. Use large format grey flagstone paving

Worn Grey Antiqued Limestone Paving Patio Design Ideas and Inspiration

Farrow Grey Tumbled Limestone Paving Patio Design Inspiration UK

For those wishing to emulate a true English country garden feel, using large format grey flagstone paving tiles offer a timeless and classic look. Grey tumbled limestone or flagstone pavers have been used for years, thanks to their forgiving and dense characteristics, as well as offering a beautiful outdoor tile within the landscape. We also suggest choosing a large format tile as this creates the illusion of a bigger space, as well as minimising the grout joints – bringing focus to the patio tiles themselves. Here the Worn Grey limestone pavers and Farrow Grey tumbled limestone pavers achieve this inspirational country garden design effortlessly. Choose a grout colour that is the same or slightly lighter than the tile to really set the whole patio off.

5. Create different levels with stone effect paving

Tiverton White Pearl Stone Effect Porcelain Exterior Pavers Patio Tile Delivery

Tiverton White Pearl Stone Effect Porcelain Pavers Patio Tile Delivery

One consideration for many when designing a patio area is to create a sense of privacy and seclusion. If you live somewhere with nearby neighbouring houses, a great way to achieve this is to create different levels stepping down into a stone effect porcelain paving patio. The White Pearl stone look porcelain pavers are a contemporary favourite seen in this modern townhouse with the sunken patio and surrounding trees providing a private spot to sit and relax. This limestone effect tile brightens a small space whilst also being very hardwearing and near enough stain resistant for outdoors.

6. Design around a swimming pool

Tuscany Seasoned Limestone Pool Project Paving Garden Design

If you have the luxury of a swimming pool, then why not enhance and add inspiration to the space by designing a stone patio around your swimming pool area! Majority of limestone and porcelain pavers suitable for outside are also suitable as pool surroundings, offering enough grip and practicality for poolside gardens. Enjoy Summer months with afternoons sat reading by the pool or evenings dining alfresco on your patio. Photographed here is the Tuscany seasoned limestone paving to inspire your outdoor pool garden ideas.

7. Plant a flower border next to your patio

Clermont Gris Softly Tumbled Limestone Paving Garden Patio Ideas UK

Tuscany Tumbled Limestone Paving Garden Patio Ideas UK

A wonderful way to soften hardscaping such as stone patio tiles is to add a flower border into your design. Not only will this give year-round inspiration and attract pollinators or other insects but will also create a beautiful garden space to sit and admire – providing colour and texture. Whether it’s an abundant display of Spring tulips or a mixed Summer bed that will bake in the sunshine, planting a flower border will really help make an inspirational garden patio design! Photographed above is the Clermont Gris softly tumbled limestone pavers and Tuscany tumbled limestone paving.

8. Create zones in your patio design

Dijon Tumbled Limestone Outdoor Paving Tiles Ideas UK Delivery

Farrow Grey Tumbled Limestone Outdoor Cobbles Patio Inspiration

Gardens once seen as an uninspiring patch of grass with a rectangular patio at the end can be transformed by clever landscaping and sectioning of the space. Here this delightful Cotswold country garden makes use of Farrow Grey tumbled limestone cobbles, paired with Dijon tumbled limestone pavers to create separate zones. In the outdoor space, the whole garden is not instantly revealed - making it a joy to wander down the cobbled pathways and discover a different vista at each turn. If you are wishing to create a similar look, combining a large format paver with small cobbles work effectively at adding interest, as well as choosing complementing tile shades or colours.

9. Add in stone steps

Dijon Brushed Limestone Pavers and Steps Garden Inspiration

Whether your outdoor space is on a hill, unlevel or a different height to your home, steps are often needed and desired in gardens. Achieving a beautiful patio design doesn’t have to end with the patio itself – using the same stone as steps down or up into a paved area really does finish off a space gracefully! This perfectly landscaped garden shows great inspiration with the Dijon brushed limestone paving and bespoke matching bullnose step pieces, centred by a modern water feature and framed with immaculate low box hedging.

10. Incorporate gravel into a porcelain patio

Arlington Light Mist Porcelain Paver UK Patio Delivery Inspiring

Arlington Light Mist Porcelain Garden Pavers Inspiration UK Delivery

To conclude our top 10 inspirational patio design ideas, incorporating gravel around a porcelain patio is a great way to break things up and bring in a different texture. Stone effect porcelain paving comes in a range of colours and realistic prints, usually in 600 x 600 or 900 x 600 and suit modern or contemporary gardens perfectly. The Light Mist stone effect porcelain outdoor tile is used in this newly renovated garden with the stepping-stone-style paving sat on complementing gravel, leading you to the end of the garden with a patio for all the family to gather.


What is the difference between indoor tiles and outdoor stone tiles?

The biggest difference to indoor and outdoor stone tiles is the thickness. Most exterior paving is 20mm or 30mm thick, meaning it can be laid onto compacted hardcore with a sand and cement mix. Many of our indoor limestones are 15mm with some in a 20mm thickness which can be used internally and externally. Every tile we supply as a paver has been marked as frost resistant and is a suitable surface finish for outdoors. Porcelain paving is typically in a 20mm thickness with a ‘R11’ grip finish. Internal porcelain tends to be 10mm thick with a ‘R10’ finish.

How do you clean outdoor paving tiles?

With a few key steps, outdoor paving tiles will look beautiful for years to come. Porcelain paving is near enough stain resistant, and limestone is very forgiving but does require a little maintenance. Both can be jet washed seasonally using a suitable cleaning product and we recommend sealing limestone patio slabs upon installation. Read more on cleaning outdoor porcelain paving and on maintaining natural stone tiles.

What are the best slabs to use for a garden patio?

There are a whole range of different materials for garden patios out there. As direct importers of stone tiles for over 27 years, we’ve dedicated a lot of time and expertise to sourcing the very best stones! In our honest opinion, limestone, sandstone and porcelain are the best materials for garden patio slabs. Limestone and sandstone are natural materials, whereas porcelain is man-made – they are all very hardwearing and dense, as well as being available in a variety of finishes, colours and patterns.


So, there we have it! We hope this article has provided inspiration and design ideas for your own property and outdoor space. Whether it’s a small plot or a large country estate, there are many ways to enhance a garden with paving tiles and designs. As ever, our UK inspirational showrooms are open by appointment with displays of our outdoor limestone and porcelain tiles to see in person and help you with your project.