How To Clean & Look After Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

How To Clean & Look After Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

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Outdoor porcelain pavers are an increasingly popular option for gardens and exterior spaces. Porcelain is a man-made product which is extremely hardwearing and low maintenance and is available in a variety of prints and colours for a realistic stone-look outdoor paver. Whilst stone effect and wood effect porcelain paving is very low maintenance, there are a few helpful tips to note for how to look after and clean outdoor porcelain pavers – ensuring a beautiful porcelain patio for years to come!

Quorn Stone’s Quick Guide

1. Use a cleaner designed for porcelain

2. Sweep or brush away any leaves and debris only when dry

3. Jet wash pavers seasonally

4. Spot clean as and when

5. Be prepared for marks with Lithofin Outdoor Cleaner

1. Use a cleaner designed for porcelain

Porcelain paving has a strong glazed surface, making the tile stain resistant with a very low water absorption. These characteristics mean staining is a rare occurrence and the tiles can be cleaned with most outdoor cleaning products. It is important to steer clear of any products containing Hydrofluoric Acid as these can cause irreversible damage to the tile. We recommend using a cleaning product suitable for porcelain such as Lithofin Intensive Cleaner - this product is a light, alkaline solution that will help clean day to day general dirt; test one stone at a dilution of 1-10 and apply generously to the tile, work the product every 1-2 minutes with a stiff deck brush or white pad and after 10-15 minutes (approx.) rinse several times and remove.

2. Sweep or brush away any leaves and debris only when dry

With gardens being natural, outdoor areas, your porcelain external patio tiles are likely to see leaf fall and general debris from plants and trees in the garden. Sweeping and brushing away any fallen leaves is a very normal part of maintaining your exterior space, however, it is best practice to wait until the porcelain pavers and any debris is dry as much as possible – this will avoid sweeping wet mud or dirt across your tiles and into the grout joints.

3. Pressure wash pavers seasonally

Many customers ask if you can jet wash outdoor porcelain pavers - we would recommend doing so as part of seasonal maintenance for your garden. Pressure washing is proven to be an effective way to deep clean and remove build-up of dirt or algae over the years, used with diluted cleaners such as Lithofin Intensive Cleaner to bring up contamination and any marks on exterior porcelain tiles.

4. Spot clean as and when

Whilst porcelain outdoor pavers and tiles are near enough stain resistant and surface marks will come up clean through pressure washing and cleaning, to help maintain and avoid more stubborn marking, we suggest spot cleaning as and when required. Whether it’s a spilt drink from an alfresco dinner or berries dropping from a fruit tree - it is always best to spot clean as accidents or spillages occur. This can simply be done with an outdoor cloth and warm, soapy water.

5. Be prepared for stains with Lithofin Outdoor Cleaner

For those surface marks that are tougher and more persistent, it is good to be prepared with Lithofin Outdoor Cleaner. This can be used for the removal of contaminations such as algae, leaf staining and coloured bird dropping stains. Firstly, test this product on one or two tiles in a discreet area. As outdoor porcelain paving has a very low porosity, this product can be applied neat to the tiles for 5-10 minutes and scrubbed with a stiff brush every 1-2 minutes. If required, leave the product working for longer for more stubborn marks. After this, rinse several times to lift stains and any residue from the cleaner.

FAQ’s on cleaning outdoor porcelain tiles

Are outdoor porcelain tiles hard to keep clean?

No! Porcelain is extremely hardwearing and stain resistant. Following our few simple tips noted above, outdoor porcelain is very easy to look after and clean. Many worry over patio staining and discolouration, but porcelain will not fade or discolour – resulting in a beautiful outdoor porcelain patio that will stand the test of time.

Can I jet wash outdoor porcelain paving?

You can jet wash outdoor porcelain tiles with a suitable porcelain-friendly cleaner for best results. We recommend jet washing with each new season, depending on your garden’s location and the amount of foot traffic your outdoor porcelain paving will see.

How can I get rid of stains on outdoor porcelain garden tiles?

The best way to avoid staining is to spot clean as soon as a spillage occurs! On the occasion that stubborn surface marks do occur on your porcelain paving, we recommend trying Lithofin Outdoor Cleaner. This porcelain-friendly cleaner can be used neat on a stain or diluted in warm water to clean your entire patio and is a great, powerful product to remove those unwanted marks!

Do I need to seal outdoor porcelain pavers?

No, outdoor stone effect porcelain pavers do not require sealing and come in a ‘R11’ grip finish, meaning they are slip resistant. Exterior porcelain paving is also UV stable and will not fade in colour from exposure to sunlight.

We hope this guide is informative and helpful for you and your Quorn Stone outdoor porcelain paving! If you do have any further questions or need for advice, please feel free to email or give us a call, where a member of our expert team will be able to assist. Alternatively, Lithofin have a technical line (01962 732 126) available to help you from initial cleaning to ongoing maintenance.