Step Inside The ARC Painswick Country House
Step Inside

Step Inside The ARC Painswick Country House

Step Inside ARC Painswick Country House

After choosing the Clermont Gris® Aged Tumbled Limestone for their latest project, we had the opportunity to step inside the ARC Painswick Country House, set within the idyllic Cotswold village of Painswick. We’re pleased to share our Q&A with ARC, giving insight into the restoration of this beautiful country manor house.

Tell us a little bit about ARC…

ARC represents a modern reinterpretation of the traditional English country house, specifically tailored for designed experiences. It was conceived to offer the domestic equivalent of a European villa or chalet holiday, targeting extended family groups gathering for special events, such as milestone birthdays. The concept marries the luxury of a five-star hotel with affordability, allowing guests to personalise their stay through a digital concierge service, the ARC lobby.

What does ‘reimagining the country house’ mean to you?

Reimagining the country house entails reviving the late Edwardian and early Victorian tradition of manageable country homes used as seasonal retreats by families. ARC transforms these properties back to their original purpose, celebrating the UK's natural beauty through houses perfectly sized for modern needs and escapes from city life.

How many properties do ARC have?

ARC currently boasts two properties, ARC Painswick and ARC Padstow, with plans to expand with ARC Thorpeness and ARC Peaks in 2024. 

What type of property is ARC Painswick?

ARC Painswick is a 15th Century Manor House, a testament to the wealth and architectural ingenuity of the Cotswolds during a time when wool was as valuable as oil is today. Its double gabled oak roof structure and use of local stone are emblematic of the period's architectural style. The house's grade II listing highlights its historical significance and architectural merit.

How would you describe the location of the property?

ARC Painswick is situated in the heart of Painswick, renowned as one of the UK’s most picturesque towns and dubbed the "Queen of the Cotswolds." Its central location allows guests to immerse themselves in the local community, offering the freedom to explore nearby pubs, shops, and attractions at their leisure, enhancing the sense of escape and discovery. The house sleeps up to 24 guests.

What history do you know about the house?

As a 15th Century manor house, the property has a rich history, initially serving as a wool merchant's manor. Over the centuries, it has adapted to the changing times, serving various roles from a spinning studio for Cornish weavers to a shoe shop, sweet shop, restaurant, and bed and breakfast, before its reinvention as ARC.

How long did renovating take and who was involved in the process?

The journey to bring ARC Painswick to life began in 2020, with the acquisition of the building in 2021, culminating in its opening in 2022. The creation of ARC Painswick was a collaborative effort between Parti, award-winning architects known for their material and design expertise, and Regular Practice, innovators in graphic and brand identity. 

What styles did you want to see in ARC Painswick?

The vision for ARC Painswick was to simplify and honor the building's original architectural integrity, moving away from a mismatch of historical styles to a more cohesive, honest, and understated design that respects the property's heritage, while accommodating contemporary tastes and comforts.

Why did you choose the Clermont Gris® aged tumbled limestone?

The choice of natural stone in the kitchen was driven by a love for materials that age beautifully and gain character over time, mirroring the enduring appeal of historic Italian and French kitchens where stone surfaces tell a story of use and wear. The Clermont Gris® limestone was selected for its unique blend of uniformity and detailed fossil-like textures, offering an aesthetic that complements ARC Painswick’s gallery-inspired spaces, further enriching the property's art-centric ambiance.

Why did you choose Quorn Stone for the flooring?

Quorn Stone was chosen for its combination of quality, value, and service. The company's focus on high-quality products at reasonable prices, coupled with their proactive customer service, made them an ideal partner for the project.

What three words would you use to summarise the style of ARC Painswick?

The style of ARC Painswick can be encapsulated in three words: honest, understated, and bespoke, reflecting a design ethos that prioritises authenticity, simplicity, and personalised luxury.


The Clermont Gris® aged tumbled limestone tiles start from £75m2 in a popular Free Length flagstone format, also suitable for exterior use. 

 Natural oak bespoke kitchen by Parti architects, worktops by Stainless Direct UK, lighting from Corston, walls painted in Johnstone ‘Candle Wax’.