Step inside a cottage garden with Farrow Grey limestone paving
Great Outdoors, Step Inside

Step Inside a Cottage Garden with Farrow Grey Limestone

Step Inside a Cottage Garden with Farrow Grey Paving

 As we find ourselves in early summer and warmer days, there is something magical about the English countryside this time of year! With fresh green leaves on the trees, flowers starting to bloom and days that stretch on into evenings - the garden comes into its own. Step inside an English cottage garden with us, featuring the Farrow Grey limestone pavers, where we spent a warm and sunny afternoon immersed in its beauty and charm.


The Property

Tucked inside a rural Leicestershire village lies a Grade II listed cottage. Dating back to 500 years old, it is the oldest building in the village besides the 13th century church. With a traditional timber frame and brick panel structure alongside a slate roof, the property itself was previously a barn, with George and his family being the first to have ever lived in the property. The original restoration of the building began in 1995 and it has been a labour of love to create a house that is practical with modern touches, yet respecting the rich history and preservation of this unique dwelling.

Farrow Grey Tumbled Limestone Paving Cottage Garden
Farrow Grey Tumbled Limestone Pavers Outdoor

The Renovation

With planning permission from local conservationists, they were able to carry out a frameless glass link extension from the cottage to the outdoor garden space, without compromising the original building’s structure or view of the cottage from the main road. The glass extension was also a perfect opportunity to blend modern with traditional, offering plenty of light, high ceilings and a seamless flow into views of the garden and cottage. When choosing an outdoor tile, natural stone was required, and after a visit to our Leicestershire tile showroom chose the Farrow Grey tumbled limestone paving for its variations of grey - tying together the modern extension with red brick and aged timber effortlessly.

Farrow Grey Tumbled Limestone Cottage Garden Modern Extension

The Garden

Although a 'completed project', the garden planting continues to evolve and establish with beautiful year-round colour and interest. George employed the work of a professional landscaper to design the planting and create a beautiful cottage garden feel with contemporary touches, softening the hardscaping. Old English roses climb the cottage walls, whilst repeat planting of salvia and ornamental grasses create swathes of texture and organic structure. The bright palette of purples and yellows also provide pops of colour – not forgetting a perfect habitat for bees and butterflies!

What George and his family have achieved in their outdoor renovation is an inviting and charming space not only to look at, but to be in and enjoy the charm and character of a cottage garden.

Life In Their New Garden

What three words would you use to summarise your style?

“Modern meets country.”

What is your most-loved outdoor piece?

“Our Neptune dining table - the oak base should age in with the beams of the house and the top works well with the limestone pavers and glazing.”

What was an important factor when designing your outdoor space?

“We wanted to create an openness with the glass extension through to garden and love how easily they flow from one another.”

What is your favourite thing to do in your newly renovated garden?

“Entertain friends and family in the Summer months.”


Farrow Grey tumbled limestone paving is a timeless classic, featuring subtle tonal variations from dove grey through to soft anthracite. The oxidisation of iron offers warm copper hues, creating a rustic country charm. This neutral toned stone complements an array of outdoor garden patio schemes whilst the mineral and fossil detail evident in this stone, make it a forgiving choice for exterior applications. The tumbled nature of Farrow Grey ensures durability- working particularly well throughout patios and country gardens.