Encaustic Tiles Installation Advice

Key Points for Installation

The top layer of an encaustic tile is very delicate and should be handled with care. We recommend handling the tiles in pairs facing each other, to protect the design.

We advise fixing these with a flexible white adhesive or white cement and allow to dry fully before sealing. Once dry, tiles will likely need cleaning with clean water and a sponge.

Ensure the tiles are clean, dry and dust free before sealing. You will need a minimum of 2 coats of sealant and will need to seal thoroughly, including the edges of the tiles to protect from grout bleeding in.

Sealant must be left on long enough to penetrate into the tile, usually 10-15 minutes is enough. Under no circumstances should the sealant be left to dry on the surface, any excess must be removed to give an even finish.

Grout joints should not be wider than 3mm and we recommend using a light-coloured cement grout to avoid colour bleeding into the tiles. We also advise pointing the grout as supposed to spreading the grout across the tile surface.

Once the grout has started to set, start cleaning the surface again with clean water and a sponge. After this, wipe over with a clean dry cloth.

Apply a final coat of sealant to the tiles and allow to fully dry.

Clearance: please note some boxes may be dusty and worn - tiles may require light cleaning prior to installation. We recommend Lithofin Power Clean.