Charlottes Oak Kitchen with Dijon Limestone Kitchen Floor Tiles
Step Inside

Step Inside Charlottes Oak Kitchen with Dijon Limestone

Step Inside Charlotte's Oak Kitchen with Dijon Limestone Tiles

Situated on a rural lane in The Charnwood Forest, is home to Charlotte and her family, a 1930s detached house that has been fully renovated and extended to create an inviting and inspiring kitchen space, featuring the Dijon tumbled limestone flooring. We joined Charlotte for a morning, to photograph her space and learn more about her project. 

Is this your first renovation project?

“Yes, it was our first - we learnt and overcame a lot in the process! At points our budget restricted us, but we never wanted to compromise on the finish and materials used. Instead, compromises were made elsewhere which allowed us to have a stone floor and kitchen that are as beautiful as we imagined. We feel that it’s the finish of the floor and kitchen that sets the decor apart and are the things that people compliment most.”

Dijon tumbled kitchen floor stone tiles

Before photo showing the kitchen extension in progress. 

What styles did you want to see in your home?

“A lot of natural textures and materials. It was important for us to use the materials which came from our surrounding areas. We have used oak throughout the house, with the live edge remaining wherever possible. This was all supplied by a local tree surgeon. He would cut the oak, prepare it, and bring it over to the build.”

Why did you choose the Dijon tumbled limestone tiles?

“After visiting the Leicestershire showroom and seeing the stone on display, we chose it for its warm and rounded tones and natural variation. As a print designer I wanted some gentle patterns within the floor to complement the more striking patterns of the granite stone worktops. As it also flows right through the ground floor of the house, its calming presence and timeless appearance made it the best choice all round. The floor really needed to have longevity as we will never change it – we love that the Dijon limestone is so timeless.”

Dijon tumbled limestone tiles wooden kitchen oak

What do you love most about your kitchen?

“I love everything! From the handmade wooden doors and hardware to the stone floor and granite worktop – it all just feels like a piece of art to me. I worked closely with our kitchen designer, Joel La Rossa, for over a year to make my vision come to life - he’s so creative and knew how important colour, texture and tone were to me. It was imperative all tones were carefully chosen and sat together harmoniously.”

Dijon tumbled limestone flooring kitchen tiles

What was the best bargain find of your project?

“I would probably have to say all the amazing oak our friend Eddie sourced for an amazing price. I don’t believe we would have the finish we have without its beauty!”

Rustic painting on shelf and wall lights
Oak kitchen Dijon tumbled limestone flooring

What is your favourite thing to do in your newly renovated area?

“Work, play, party, live! It’s an area that caters to everything which is just what we wanted. I have an office at the front of the house, but when I’m painting for work, I prefer to be at the dining table looking out onto the garden and the woodland beyond. It’s a blessing and really feeds creativity.”

Where do you like to shop for interior pieces?

“I love sourcing antiques, recycling and mixing the old with the new. I’d say my main go to is Newark Antiques fair which I try to attend whenever it’s on. It’s incredibly inspiring and to my taste. Most decorative items, artwork and furniture from my house have been sourced from there throughout the years. I often go for work purposes too, as you can find amazing vintage wallpapers, linens and prints there.”

What three words would you use to summarise your style?

"Creative, relaxed, timeless."

Dijon tumbled limestone kitchen flooring tiles oak kitchen


Bespoke kitchen by a local designer, worktops by UK Stone, lighting from Pooky Lighting.

Dijon tumbled limestone flooring complements an array of colour schemes with its soft beige and light grey hues. The minerals, fossils and calcite veining evident in this limestone tile make it a forgiving and classic choice. The tumbled finish is perfect for those preferring a slightly rustic feel. Seen in Charlotte’s kitchen are the 500xFL sized tiles – a free length format whereby the widths are fixed at 500mm, and lengths vary anywhere from 600-1000mm, laid as a random brick bond.