A Guide To Stone Floor Tile Finishes

A Guide To Stone Floor Tile Finishes

A Guide To Stone Floor Tile Finishes

There is no doubt that a natural stone floor is a wonderful addition and investment to your property – a classic tile choice that will endure and last through the years. You may have your heart set on stone flooring but are unsure which stone finish is right for you. We understand it can be a little overwhelming with all the different options, so we have put together a simple guide on some of the most popular floor tile finishes – keep reading to learn more.


A tumbled finish is characterised by a gentle ageing process, softening the edges and stone markings. The tile is gently tumbled with porcelain chips in a large vibrating barrel which lightly rounds the edges of the tile. Stones with a tumbled finish yield a more subtle, pastel-like appearance, working well in country style homes and character properties. A tumbled limestone tile is also very forgiving and durable, unlike a very polished finish which is likely to scratch or dull, this matt surface can withstand the comings and goings of everyday life – popular for kitchens and ground floors. A great example of this is the Dijon tumbled limestone flooring. The Clermont Gris and Sorrento limestone tiles are available in three different variations of tumbling; aged tumbled, softly tumbled and lightly tumbled. The aged tumbled being the most rustic finish of these tumbled stones.


A brushed finish is achieved by metal wired brushes removing the softer parts of the stones surface and exposing the fossilisation on the tile. This creates a slightly textured surface with straight cut edges, whilst still retaining some smoothness. Brushed limestone tiles are an ideal choice for those wanting a sleeker edge but with a little texture – we love the Silver Cloud brushed limestone for its unique patterning and surface. This finish is another forgiving and durable option, frequently used for kitchen floors and ground floors.

Softly Aged & Softly Worn

As natural stone importers, we devote a large amount of time using our years of expertise to source some of the most beautiful limestone tiles in the world, with some being unique to Quorn Stone. Our softly aged and softly worn tile finishes have elements of a traditional tumbled tile, but with a little more textured surface which lighten the tiles natural shade. Softly aged features softened edges, whereas softly worn has soft but clean edges. These two finishes are perfect for exterior use as well as kitchen tiles, providing plenty of grip underfoot and a forgiving tile surface. Versailles softly aged limestone flooring is a favourite for its neutral pale tones and textured surface, complementing a range of interior and outdoor spaces.


Honed tiles are a sleek and contemporary option for those wanting a smooth and matt finish with a soft sheen and straight cut edges. Whilst rustic country flooring continues to be popular, a honed tile is a wonderful option for modern kitchen spaces. We’d recommend the Dijon honed limestone tiles for those wanting honed flooring.


If you would like to emulate a true antiqued flagstone floor, then an ‘antiqued’ tile finish is perfect for this. An antiqued tile has a textured finish with a slight sheen and hand dressed edges to varying degrees. The Worn Grey antiqued limestone is a classic flagstone tile that will emulate the look and feel of a stone that has been laid for centuries. Available as outdoor limestone paving, this grey stone also fits beautifully in country gardens and courtyards alike.

Worn Grey Antiqued Limestone Paving

Time Worn

Another unique finish to Quorn Stone, as the name suggests, this finish gives the appearance of a stone floor that has been authentically aged with surface texture. The time worn finish creates a smooth textured surface, complimented with aged worn edges. The Abbey time worn sandstone tiles is a much-loved stone floor displaying soft putty tones and hues of white through to ivory and beige.


Polished stone is a tile that most have heard of and works particularly effectively in bathrooms. Stones that are polished have a high gloss finish, creating a smooth and reflective appearance. With straight cut edges, polished stones are enhanced in colour and natural markings. Most polished stones tend to be marble tiles for their opulent and distinctive look.

Bespoke French Tile Finishes

A stone many may not be familiar with, the beauty of French limestone flooring is its unique character and charm. French limestone tiles are bespoke products with exclusive surfaces hand finished by French craftsmen. From ‘worn antique’ and ‘rustique’ where the edges have been softly chiselled and the surface delicately aged, through to the most prestigious ‘aged chateau’ finish of the Bordeaux French limestone tiles, involving a hand-crafted pillow edge to each tile and sophisticated bush hammered surface.

Bordeaux Aged Chateau French Limestone

Bordeaux Aged Chateau French Limestone