Millstone Limestone Flooring: The Flagstone Look

The Millstone is a beautifully deep and rich limestone flooring, characterised by its Blue-Grey mottled markings. This stone is occasionally complimented by small fossil formations yet the real beauty of this particular limestone tiles are their size.

Our Grand Opus pattern contains huge 900 x 600 tiles. These are often referred to as flagstones and traditionally, UK flagstones were usually either Limestone, Sandstone or Slate. The big difference between todays flagstones and those found in 400 year old cottages will be the thickness. Due to modern manufacturing techniques and improved substrates there is now no need to have a flagstone in 40mm or 50mm thickness. We can now produce large 900×600 slabs in just 15mm which also work much better with underfloor heating!

I often find that many of my customers show initial interest in a darker tiled floor yet usually ‘wimp out’ and go for a lighter colour when making the final decision! This was the first time I had been lucky enough to view the Millstone laid in a kitchen and I think you’ll agree that it doesn’t darken the room in anyway. Installing light coloured kitchen work surfaces helps brighten the room at eye level and offers a platform for light to be reflected. Similarly, the darker flecks in the work surface compliment the darker shade of floor tiles and vice versa with the light coloured grout.

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