January 13, 2014

Happy New Year once again! At MyStoneFloor.com to kick off 2014 we’re going to bring you lots of inspirational design tips and as always, good quality advice!

To get the natural stone bathroom wow-factor you don’t always have to splash out on a mosaic mural centre piece or matching stone worktop, tap and sink (although these can look amazing!)

One simple design feature is the ‘Shower Shelf’. The idea behind this is simple. You add a recess in the wall which can be as shallow as 100mm deep. If used inside the shower, these little shelves become a very handy space for your body wash, shampoo and conditioner; they also look much nicer than a small shower tray and avoids bending down into the soap suds!

However, don’t limit this simple yet quirky design feature to just the shower. Shelves can be used throughout the bathroom adding depth and design. Try adding a simple spotlight to the top of the shelf to display your favourite bathroom ornament in all its glory. Similarly, one can skew three or four of these shelves as if they were steps to create an inexpensive feature wall.

Shower/Bathroom Shelves work well with limestone tiles, marble tiles and travertine tiles. However, you may find that if you’re using a tile in the bathroom the mosaic will offer you a nice contrast.

We’ll be bringing you a complete bathroom mosaic masterclass in our next blog post.

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