Customer: Laura Morris

Laura’s pool house project actually started here at… After searching around on the internet for stone swimming pools Laura landed onto our dedicated swimming pool page. Our previous experience in swimming pool stone specification and our photo blog, showcasing our past projects, helped reinforce Laura’s desire for her project. Once we got talking on the phone it was clear that we were both on the same page. We get really excited about all of our projects, especially swimming pools! Laura had seen many of the photos on the website which helped give her a clear idea of what worked for her and what didn’t. I love it when our website helps to spark the imagination and Laura’s idea of 100xFree Length strips to go behind the pool area adds a really nice touch, with the cast iron clock really finishing it off well.

Customer: Mrs Cooper

Mrs Cooper loved our Chaucer Cream Marble and asked if she could use this for her swimming pool area. We stuck with the stocked size of 500xFL and in a tumbled finish for its anti-slip properties. We decided to have the pool coping stones ordered in 30mm thickness. We all love the classic, elegant, clean look of this pool. Do you?

Customer: Mick Glastonbury

This project was perfectly executed from start to finish. The stone grills were made to measure along with the coping stones for the pool; we spent along time designing the grill structure to ensure they served their purpose to maximum efficiency and looked stunning. The combination of plunge pool into swimming pool all situated beneath a beautiful oak framed glass atrium left this underground area bright and airy. A masterpiece more than worthy of the Channel 4 show ‘Grand Designs. For more info on this project just give us a call, we love designing swimming pool areas and have a wealth of experience.

Customer: Claire Wilkinson

Claire opted to use the Pietra Campina Tumbled Travertine tile for its classic, timeless look along with the warm tonal variation it offers. Matching coping stones were made-to-measure for her order resulting in an elegant, tranquil swimming area. Interested in having a swimming pool quote? Give us a call and we’ll offer you our best advice possible.

Customer: Tony Barney

Another swimming pool designed and completed in Pietra Campina Tumbled Travertine Tiles including; coping stones, steps and raisers.

Customer: Pearson Property Developments

Beautiful doesn’t always mean expensive. Here our Colloseum Tumbled Travertine Tiles have been used to great effect with the tiler bull nose edging for the swimming pool surround whilst laying in a classical diamond pattern. The tiles have even be used for skirting showing the diversity one natural stone tile and one naturally gifted tiler can offer.

Customer: Pearson Property Developments

If you are looking for simple, yet inspirational design features then look no further. Within this photo gallery is also an example of travertine steps and raisers… All made bespoke to our customers requirements.

Customer: Mr Pochin


This swimming pool was commissioned in the English Ancaster Limestone complete with ornate skirting.

Customer: Pearson Property Developments


This swimming pool was ordered bespoke in White Ancaster Limestone. Although the job wasn’t fully completed when the photos were taken, the creamy white ancaster limestone gives this swimming pool a luxurious modern feel.

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