Basilica Vein Cut Polished Limestone Floor Tiles   


Stone / Finish Size Price Sale
Basilica Vein Cut Polished Limestone Floor Tiles Limestone 600 x 400 x 10 £47.00 m2 (ex VAT)
£56.40 (inc VAT)
£44.90 m2 (ex VAT)
£53.88 (inc VAT)
Basilica Vein Cut Polished Limestone Floor Tiles Limestone 2200 x 600 x 10 £180.00 per panel (ex VAT)
£216.00 (inc VAT)

Limestone Tiles – Basilica Vein Cut

The Bascilica limestone tiles are vein, meaning the stone is quarried along the grain as opposed to against it. Cutting along the grain causes the different colours and tones you would usually find within many different layers, to be spread across a single tile, giving you a truly unique surface.

We manage to capture the beauty of the layer fantastically in our 2200x600x10mm stone panels. These are complemented by our 2200x600x30mm slabs and 600x400x10mm tiles.

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At Quorn Stone we have a variety of limestone in different colours, sizes and finishes, from brilliant chalk white to deep beiges embedded with a plentiful supply of fossils. Whether you’re searching for a traditional looking stone that appears to have been walked on for generations, or a plain yet bright contemporary tile to add style, we’re sure to have the perfect stone in our extensive range to suit all your wants and needs. Many of our stones come from Croatia, who are renowned for producing the densest limestone in the world. This allows us to produce robust, long lasting tiles suitable for floors, vanity tops and walls in most cases. Samples are available upon request, for more information, please call 01509416557

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