Fugawash 1.5L

Cleaning Kerakoll

Fugawash 1.5L

Cleaning Kerakoll

Size & Prices


We recommend adding 10% wastage to your required m2


Eco-friendly detergent used as an additive to water to clean Fugalite Eco grouts. For perfect cleaning of grouted surfaces such as porcelain and natural stone. 

Product Information

Approx coverage: 100-200m2 per 1.5L

Suitability & Installation

External (from 20mm)
Underfloor Heating
Bespoke Skirting
Bespoke Steps/Coping

* Please note that the tiles suitability may vary depending on the size & thickness, as well as the substrate upon installation. We recommend speaking with your installer and if you are unsure, please take a look at our FAQ's or speak to one of the team. Bespoke pieces are subject to current lead times.

Where Can I View This Stone?

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