Natural Stone Variation


Natural Beauty

The beauty of a stone floor is its natural variation. Some stones have more variation than others, whether it be variation in the base colours or variation in its markings.

At we spend a lot of hours travelling on the road to visit and photograph our customers completed projects. We know that these setting photos not only give you a feel for the stone in a finished setting but more importantly, shows you a large area allowing you to see as much of a stones character as possible.

Dry Laying

It might seem like a lot of effort but we think its worth the time.

Dry laying gives you the chance to go through your tiles with your installer, see how they look laid in the room and you can even point out any you’d prefer to be used as a cut or under units. The blending of natural stone is super important and not a point to be overlooked. We always recommend opening and mixing up your entire order to ensure an even blend is achieved. This becomes more and more important with stones that have more variation.


Much like wallpaper and paint, tiles are produced in batches and as such there can be variation between batches. For this reason, we strongly advise to order all tiles required for your project at the same time to ensure they are from the same batch.