Stone Tile Maintenance


Key Points

Maintaining natural stone takes some consideration but not quite to the extent that some tile shops would have you believe. Please find below a breakdown of useful points for maintaining your stone tiles:

  • Clean with PH neutral products – try our Lithofin Wash & Clean which is designed to work in conjunction with our Lithofin Stain Stop MN stone sealant. Strong cleaning products can damage the surface of the stone so steer away from Flash etc.
  • Try and mop your floor as little as possible instead opting to use a hoover with brush attachment and then spot cleaning when spilling liquids. This will keep your grout looking good for years and is a good idea with any tiled floor that has a light grout
  • Wipe up any spillages asap to avoid penetration of sealant. You sealant will repel oil, grease and water so something like coffee will bead on the surface. Don’t leave it there though, you sealant is your first line of defence but eventually liquids will penetrate if left to sit on the surface
  • Sealants can’t protect against chemical reactions. If you drop something acidic such as wine onto your tiles, neutralise with water immediately and clean.
  • If laying porcelain, why not upgrade to our stain proof grouts – Fugalite Bio & Fugalite Bio Parquet
  • Polished marbles and limestones can need re-polishing over a length of time to restore the full gloss. This is actually an advantage that stone has over Porcelain – Porcelain can’t be re-polished once fixed.