Different Tile Finishes Explained…


A tumbled finish is achieved through a gentle ageing process, rounding edges as well as softening stone markings. Stones with a tumbled yield a subtle, pastel-like appearance and are perfect for those wanting a more rustic look – particularly suiting country properties. This is our most popular finish and is very practical for busy family homes and high traffic areas, as well as a great finish for outside.

Main Advantages: Rustic feel, highly practical, interior and exterior options


The surface of a brushed tile is matt-to-slight sheen with subtle texture and straight cut edges. The biggest advantage of a brushed finish is its increased slip resistance value, suitable for inside and outside flooring. 

Main Advantages: High SRV, flexibility to work in contemporary/traditional properties


A textured finish lightening the tiles natural shade, with soft but clean edges.

Main advantages: Textured surface, a high SRV that can work great inside and outside.


A honed tile is essentially polished but to a lower grade. Depending on the stone tile, Honed finishes are smooth to touch with either a matte or slightly sheen surface. Similarly to polished tiles, a honed tile will have a straight cut edge allowing for those tighter grout joints.

A honed tile is perfect for those looking for a crisp, modern finish but without the statement of a glossy polished floor.

Main Advantages: Tight Grout joints, understated and a matte look makes it a popular choice with developers


A polished tile will have a straight edge and high gloss appearance allowing it to reflect a lot of light. 

Main Advantages: Tight grout joints, reflects light well & can be re-polished on site (natural stone flooring only)