Modern Bathroom Tile Inspiration

Modern Bathroom Tile Inspiration 2023

Bathrooms are notoriously tricky rooms to ‘get right’ – they need to strike the perfect balance of both beauty and practicality which isn’t always easy to achieve. We help thousands

10 Kitchen Stone Flooring Trends 2023 UK

10 Kitchen Flooring Trends 2023

When it comes to renovating, extending, or perhaps building an entirely new kitchen, there are so many decisions to make and things to consider! It is easy to feel overwhelmed

What is the best stone paving for patios and gardens external

What Is The Best Paving For Patios?

With outdoor projects underway from early Spring right through to late Summer and early Autumn, one of the top questions customers ask is ‘what is the best paving for patios?’.

10 Ten Inspirational Patio Tile Design Ideas 2022 2023

10 Inspirational Patio Tile Design Ideas

Gardens are spaces that have been loved and treasured for years and more of us are understanding the importance of having our own beautiful outdoor space to relax, unwind and

How to look after and clean outdoor porcelain paving tiles UK stone

How to clean and look after Outdoor Porcelain

Outdoor porcelain pavers are an increasingly popular option for gardens and exterior spaces. Porcelain is a man-made product which is extremely hardwearing and low maintenance and is available in a

How to clean and look after natural stone tiles

How to clean Natural Stone Floor Tiles

Your natural stone floor is laid and installed and is looking as beautiful as you hoped! Now, you want to know how to clean natural stone and look after your

Best stone floors for kitchens UK

Best Stone Floors For Kitchens

Best Stone Floors For Kitchens One of the top questions customers ask is 'what are the best stone floors for kitchens and busy family homes?'. Often people want to know a