Which stone tile layout should I choose?

Which stone tile layout should I choose?

We offer a large selection of natural stone tiles in a variety of colours, finishes and sizes. With this in mind, once you've found the stone you love, customers often have a few questions about which tile size might be right for them and their project.

    • Free length

Our most popular tile size has to be our Free Length tiles (also known as mixed lengths or random lengths). Free Length tiles have a fixed width and varying lengths ranging anywhere from 600mm to 1000mm. These are a particularly popular option for those looking for a large format flagstone. The mixed lengths give a lovely random brick bond, while the larger size maximises the tile surface and minimises grout lines - many choose to lay limestone tiles in a Free Length format throughout entire ground floors and open kitchen areas.

Below are our 500xFL Crema Castello brushed tiles in a contemporary kitchen/diner. The large and open layout of this space lends itself to our Free Length tiles. With close grout lines that match the creamy tones of this limestone, this floor creates a bright and airy feel - leading the eye through the length of the room.

Crema Castello Brushed Limestone Tiles

Here our Avignon Grey tumbled limestone tiles look stunning in this barn conversion. This is also a 500xFL tile size with over 100m2 laid throughout the ground floor. The beauty of Free Length tile formats is its ability to work in both contemporary and country style properties.

Avignon Grey Tumbled Limestone Tiles

Dijon Tumbled Limestone Tiles

Dijon tumbled limestone tiles - 500xFL

    • Opus Pattern

Another popular tile layout is our Opus Pattern. This pattern is made up of 4 different tile sizes that create a lovely traditional look to the floor. Our Opus Pattern is available in Small, Large and Grand tile patterns, with most of the stones in this format being a tumbled finish - yielding a rustic and country feel. The option to use a Small, Large or Grand tile size in our Opus Pattern means that it can work beautifully in all sizes of rooms - whether it be an open kitchen/diner or an entrance hall. Our most popular stone tile in an Opus Pattern is our Dijon limestone, as photographed below (in Large Pattern).

Dijon Tumbled Limestone Tiles

    • Fixed

For those wanting to create a clean and contemporary feel, a fixed tile size will help you achieve this. A large selection of our limestone's are available as fixed rectangular or fixed square tiles, particularly working nicely for stones with a brushed or honed finish. Fixed tiles can be laid as a brick bond (staggered) or a stack bond (straight lines). Along with tight and close grout joints, this tile format gives a precise and sleek look. Below is our stunning Jura Grey honed limestone in a 600x600 tile size.

Jura Grey Honed Limestone Tiles

We hope this post provides some helpful information when choosing your natural stone floor and the tile layout that will be best in your home, for the look you want to achieve. If you would like to read further information, please visit our Size & Pattern Guide page, or for more ideas, visit our Inspiration page with many more customer project photos.