Visit a Pumpkin Patch
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Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Autumn is one of the most picturesque seasons of the year, with the leaves changing colours painting the ground shades of Crimson red and burnt orange and the sun offering a peacful glow - it really is a beautiful time of year! Autumn is also the start of the season for produce like pumpkin and squash, with many ‘pick your own' patches opening all over the country. I have always loved visiting pumpkin patches – it is a perfect autumnal activity, full of nostalgia!

Last weekend, the weather was beautiful – clear blue skies with that crisp autumn feel. It felt like the perfect time to visit a patch and set about choosing this years selection! We visited a patch local to us in Costock – Elms Farm, which I would highly recommend if you are in the Leicestershire area! (Don’t worry if you are a little further afield – I have some great alternatives).

Having been inspired by some fabulous tablescapes on Instagram, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some small white pumpkins – I later learnt these are actually called ‘Baby Boos’. This variety are not only edible but they are perfect for decorative use and displays! I grabbed a wheel barrow, excited to start choosing my pumpkins and began exploring Oscar’s patch.

A pumpkin patch is a great way to find quirky and unusual varieties of pumpkins and gourds. The selection far outweighs what you can find in a supermarket – plus it is much more fun to pick them yourselves! The photo below is of a variety of squash called ‘carnival’ that I found whilst wondering around. Although not pumpkins themselves, the characteristics are similar and make great Halloween decorations or table displays.

Instagram and Pinterest offer an array of styling ideas, some of which I have included from Instagram blogsger @paddelhaus, who uses her pumpkin produce for her stunning table displays!

As seen on Instagram: @Paddelhaus

As seen on Instagram: @Paddelhaus

After wondering around and selecting my produce, it was time to leave, although not before grabbing a bacon and sausage cobb from the Elms Farm Kitchen, which I thoroughly enjoyed! I recommend visiting Oscar’s Pumpkin Patch who are open until the 31st of October, or a local patch this Autumn for a fun and simple day out. Below I have included a list of 5 popular patches that are also running in the UK this October.

1. Maxey’s Farm Shop, Nottinghamshire

2. Cammas Hall Farm, Hertfordshire

3. Crockford Bridge Farm, Surrey

4. Foxes Farm, Essex

5. Bell’s Pumpkin Patch, Lincolnshire

I hope you have all have enjoyed this read and that I have inspired you to pick a pumpkin - or two!

Lauren x