Late-Summer Harvest in The Garden
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Late-Summer Harvest in The Garden

September brings us the month where summer meets autumn - a month that still graces us with warmth from the sun, but also a sense of the season changing as the nights roll in. I always find this time of year bittersweet - I’m never quite ready to say goodbye to summer, but as the garden turns golden with burnt orange flowers, glowing pinks, and late-summer harvests there is something precious about this time of year.

This is my third-year gardening, growing our own flowers and vegetables from seed, and I am finding there is always so much to learn and discover as a relatively new gardener! A garden is something the majority of us have the privilege of, whether it is a small space or an expanse piece of land and with over 77% of us increasing our gardening habits in 2020 there is a lot to be said for its simple joys! With Summer winding down, I thought I would share with you a little glimpse of what I have cultivated and loved this growing season.

The Flower Beds

Amongst the all-important perennials, I have also grown from seed a number of beautiful annuals in our main flower bed – the start of Summer saw a mass of Sweet Peas with their scent drifting through the garden on warmer days. Now, Cosmos in pinks, whites and pale yellow, burnt-orange Calendula, beautifully textured Helichrysum (Strawflower) and golden Helianthus (Sunflower) adorn the garden for just a little longer, and have been wonderful for cut flower posies around the home.

The Vegetable Beds

One of the greatest rewards in the garden has to be growing your own vegetables - from seed to kitchen table, nothing compares to the fresh taste of homegrown produce! Our garden has three raised beds, which we try to maximise with successive cropping. My favourite summer crops have been a mix of cut and come again lettuce leaves, mangetout, French runner beans, tomato ‘Gardeners Delight’ and courgette ‘Black Beauty’. The courgettes this year have been highly productive and have been used for cooking, spiralised in salads and also in a delicious chocolate courgette cake!

After many months of nurturing and caring for plants from seed, there is something so rewarding about spending these late summer evenings in the garden, filling a garden trug of produce ready for harvest, and soaking up every last ounce of summer in the garden. For any fellow gardeners - I hope you can share in the simple joy of this time of year, and for any others reading – I hope this little post may encourage you to begin the journey of growing your own, from seed.

Rachel x