Five Spring Interior Styling Ideas

Five Spring Interior Styling Ideas

After a long (and very cold) Winter, Spring has finally sprung and we can finally look forward to warmer and brighter days. This time of year brings the perfect opportunity to refresh the home and garden and inject a dose of Spring! Alongside a good Spring clean and declutter, we have compiled together a few key interior styling ideas that really do freshen up your home - adding touches of colour and brightening any space.

Spring Green Foliage

The first sign of Spring begins when trees outside bud with green leaves once again, and green bulbs start popping up through the ground. Bring this same energy and colour into your home with green foliage (real or faux!). If you are one that tends to stick with a neutral palette – don’t shy away from greenery! Green foliage ties in beautifully with clean whites, beige, and greys, whilst keeping a very natural and understated feel.

We took inspiration from @cicelyandparker and how she styles their home with lots of green foliage. Whether it is a small potted urn or a large vase of eucalyptus, foliage in the home brings a fresh feeling of Spring! This beautiful home also features our Dijon brushed limestone tiles and pavers.

Home decor with spring interior styling and green foliage
Photo credit: @cicelyandparker

Spring Interior Styling: Open Shelving

It is no secret that open shelving offers both a practical element, as well as a chance to be creative! From shelving in the kitchen, to a living room alcove, there are plenty of ways to mix up interior shelving, with colours, texture, and arrangements. We found lots of lovely ideas on Pinterest for Spring interior styling, helping to update your shelves for the season.

For the kitchen, try small potted succulents, a decorative bowl with lemons, mixed size kilner jars full of dried foods such as pasta, flour, and grains. As well as layering white ceramic plates, saucers, and teacups.

Spring interior kitchen shelving ideas
Photo credit: @our_forever_farmhouse

In the living room, stack your favourite books and magazines, incorporate smaller houseplants, as well as a mixture of jugs and vases to create a display that is personal to your style and a focal point in your living space.

Fresh Colour Palettes

Spring is a wonderful time to experiment with colour, as we welcome in sunnier days and dust off the cobwebs from Winter. Fresh hues of greens, whites, creams, and blues can really lighten up a space and provide an airy feel to your home. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint to the kitchen island (maybe that colour you have been daring to use for a while!) or updating soft furnishings, now is the perfect time to add in those splashes of colour to lighten and brighten your interiors.

We love the beautiful home of @justonemorebuild with its pale blue and neutral palette, alongside our Versailles softly aged limestone tiles. This kitchen space has such a fresh and inviting feel with shades of colour, but with consideration for how each element of the room works seamlessly together. (Kitchen island colour is Little Greene ‘Mid-Lead’).

Photo credit: @justonemorebuild

Spring Interior Styling: Kitchen Island Centrepiece

The kitchen is definitely the heart of a home, with the kitchen island being a place the whole family can gather. We see more and more of our customers styling their kitchen islands as a centrepiece that can be updated and switched out, depending on the time of year. This can act as a lovely central focus to a space - and our customer with our Allier French limestone tiles demonstrates this beautifully. We loved the fresh and country feel, incorporating greenery, a selection of wooden chopping boards, vintage urns and their favourite recipe books. A kitchen island centrepiece is an opportunity to show your personal style and display a selection of your favourite décor pieces. If you haven’t before, why not try a Spring kitchen island centrepiece this year!

Allier Rustique French Limestone

Spring Styling Bulbs

One of the wonderful things about Spring has to be Spring bulbs! From the very first snowdrop, right the way through to daffodils, tulips and late-flowering ranunculus. A sprinkling of bulbs in the ground, or in pots by the front door is a lovely way to bring a burst of colour. If you have a cut flower patch, Spring flowers can be brought into the home to enjoy even more. If you haven’t any Spring bulbs of your own growing, these are readily available at local supermarkets and florists – a big bunch of blooms in a large vase or individual bud vases to dot around the home are a great Spring addition!

We hope you have enjoyed reading through our five Spring interior styling ideas and feel inspired to switch up your interiors and breathe a little bit of Spring back into your home!

Rachel x