A guide to the perfect Country Kitchen
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A guide to the perfect Country Kitchen

As a business we have been in the industry for over 25 years and understand all the decisions and thoughts that go into a build or renovation. We have worked with customers on countless projects, and it is a joy to see the range of styles within each and every home. The country kitchen is a long-residing favourite - so much so, we have put together a Quorn Stone guide to help you achieve your perfect country style kitchen!

What is a country kitchen?

A country style kitchen combines rustic charm, effortless style, and a timeless feel, whilst making a welcoming and comforting space for you to live and be in. There are so many directions you can take a kitchen, from the modern country trend to a traditional and rustic style – all within your own creative license.

Whether you are renovating a listed property or building a new home sympathetic of traditional characters, we have a beautiful product offering to create the ultimate country feel to your home and kitchen.

Traditional take on a country style...

A traditional take on the country style is all about utilising the existing character of your property and incorporating natural materials to give a lived-in and rustic appearance. Oak beams, exposed brick, heritage colours and brassware each add a certain warmth and charm.

Monte Carlo limestone

Featuring our Monte Carlo tumbled limestone, this space provides plenty of country kitchen ideas. A reclaimed butcher’s block table acts as a focal point and island, with use of vintage vases and bottles placed on open shelving and original copper pans on a railing above the cooker. This project also features the enduring Belfast sink – a must for the country look! Choosing our tumbled limestone with honey-beige tones and natural fossil details, the Monte Carlo flooring works effortlessly with the beauty of this kitchen.


Whilst we are on the topic of a traditional country style kitchen, we couldn’t not mention this stunning project with our Bordeaux Aged Chateau French limestone tiles! This idyllic cottage with an extended kitchen space has so much inspiration to offer on your guide to the perfect country cottage kitchen. Built to emulate the original features of the property, the use of reclaimed beams, an intricate arched window and bespoke, handmade cabinetry really help to establish a rustic feel. The rich mushroom tones and handcrafted finishing of the Bordeaux French limestone floor, gives an appearance of a flagstone that has been there for hundreds of years and is a wonderful choice to emulate a true French country kitchen.

Bordeaux French limestone

Bordeaux French limestone

Modern take on a country style...

There is definitely a move towards the modern country kitchen, with it offering the fundamentals of a country style kitchen, but bringing elements up to date. The outcome is a bright and airy space with character, but usually leaning towards a cooler palette and use of more modern materials.

Provence Crema porcelain

A perfect modern country style has to be this kitchen with our Provence Crema stone effect porcelain. The colour palette of this project is lovely and neutral, with the units being Farrow & Ball, ‘Cornforth White’ and walls Farrow & Ball, ‘Wimborne White’. This classic shaker style kitchen takes consideration of traditional cabinetry with panelling, cornicing, and detailing but is painted in a soft pale grey and paired with a white quartz worktop for a subtle modern design. The use of stone effect porcelain mimics the look of a real stone but offers a more consistent tile. This particular modern country style porcelain has a tumbled effect edge and slight texture to the surface in an off-white shade with grey hues throughout.

What floors work best for country kitchen ideas?

Our top porcelain picks...

Winchester White

Winchester White is a neutral and light stone effect porcelain tile, with delicate fossil details throughout. A soft white to cream base is complimented by intricate markings and a stone like texture within the face of each tile, mimicking the appearance of natural stone. Brightening any room, this stone effect porcelain tile is well suited to country homes with a modern flair, as well as any country cottage kitchen.

Winchester White porcelain

Provence Grigio & Provence Crema

Our Provence collection offers a stone effect porcelain with a subtle tumbled appearance. Together with the character and variation from tile to tile, this soft tumbling effect lends itself beautifully to the modern country kitchen. The detailed print within each tile makes this stone effect porcelain hard to distinguish from a natural limestone!

Provence Grigio porcelain


Provence Crema porcelain

Bellemont Beige

One that has been a favourite for many years, our Bellemont Beige stone effect porcelain fits the industrial rustic trend and is a popular floor choice for country kitchen ideas. The Bellemont Beige features warm tonal variations and character that suit both modern country and traditional kitchens. From a country cottage kitchen to an industrial barn conversion, this porcelain is available in different tile formats to suit a variety of kitchen sizes.

Bellemont Beige porcelain

Bellemont Beige Stone Effect Porcelain Tiles
Bellemont Beige porcelain

Our top natural stone picks...

Dijon limestone

Whether it is the Dijon tumbled, or Dijon brushed, our Dijon limestone is an ever-popular selection for a timeless country feel! This neutral toned limestone tile complements an array of colour schemes with its soft beige and light grey hues. The minerals, fossils and calcite veining evident in this limestone tile make it a forgiving and classic choice for busy family homes and kitchens. Tumbled offers softer edges with a rustic feel, whilst brushed offers a straighter edge with a slight sheen to the surface.

Dijon tumbled limestone

Dijon Brushed Limestone Tiles
Dijon brushed limestone

Clermont Gris limestone

Whilst a lot of country kitchen ideas lean towards warmer palettes, if you are looking for a true grey flagstone then our Clermont Gris aged-tumbled is the idyllic tile for you! The varying grey hues within this stone blend effortlessly, with a slight warmth and a timeless charm from natural fossil details. The aged-tumbled finish provides a unique textured surface, giving an aged, lived in appearance - suited for the much-loved country cottage kitchen.

Clermont Gris aged-tumbled limestone

French limestone

Our collection of French limestone tiles have been carefully sourced and offer a premium and entirely unique floor option for kitchens. Perfect for heritage buildings, character properties and country interiors, French limestone tiles bring an authentic and traditional country style to any space. If you are trying to recreate a classic French country kitchen, our range of French limestone provides plenty of French country kitchen ideas!

Loire Rustique French Limestone Tiles
Loire French limestone

Monte Carlo limestone

As mentioned in our traditional take on a country style, the Monte Carlo is a growing favourite with its soft honey-beige tones and warm rustic detailing, complementing a country cottage kitchen beautifully. It’s tumbled finish yields a pastel like appearance and softens the natural markings and the edges of each tile.

What are the best colours for a country feel?

When choosing colours to create a country feel kitchen, it is important to keep in mind there is a reason certain colours have stood the test of time and have been chosen again and again! Understanding English Heritage colours will help in emulating a truly traditional feel. Think off-whites, warm greys and greens, rich blues, and earthy stone shades – all offering authentic and timeless pigments for kitchens.

To help your inspiration, Little Green paint and Farrow & Ball have a beautiful library of colours to choose from. Below are a handful we have recommended widely and which many of our customers’ homes feature…

Off-whites –Farrow & Ball ‘Wimborne White’, Farrow & Ball ‘Cornforth White’ or Farrow & Ball ‘Shadow White’

Grey/greens – Little Green ‘Mid-Lead’, Farrow & Ball ‘Hardwick White’ or Farrow & Ball ‘French Gray’

Navy’s – Farrow & Ball ‘Stiffkey Blue’ or Little Green ‘Hicks Blue’

Dijon tumbled limestone / Cabinets in F&B 'Stiffkey Blue'

Versailles limestone / Island in Little Green 'Mid Lead'

How do you style a country kitchen?

Once you have the fundamentals of a country cottage kitchen in place, it is all about the finishing touches and styling that make it your own. To conclude our guide with the ultimate country kitchen ideas, there are a few key tips we have that will really complete a space.


Texture plays such an important role in the home, from soft furnishings to fresh foliage and flowers on the island, consider how you can bring in different textures and layers to your kitchen space to add warmth and charm.

Natural materials

We have covered this throughout, but there is nothing quite like natural materials! Natural stone, exposed brick, real oak and brassware all add to the modern country or country cottage kitchen style. There is also a lot to be added in smaller decorative pieces, such as wicker baskets, wooden crates, stone urns and glass or ceramic vases.

Vintage and pre-loved kitchenware

It is tempting when renovating to buy everything new! There is of course a benefit to investing in new items, but we also believe taking time to find vintage and pre-loved kitchenware can be a real treasure and keep your country style kitchen feeling authentic and personal. Try vintage plates and teacups or antique copper pans and hardware for a traditional French country kitchen look.

Make it seasonal

Instinctively, a country cottage kitchen is sympathetic of natural materials and with this, seasonal living. Keep your country kitchen ideas inspiring and fresh by changing small décor pieces depending on the season and mixing up the styling of your island, shelving, or countertops.

Country rustic kitchen with white cupboards and walls and rustic french beige limestone floor tiles
Allier French limestone

There we have it – our guide to the ever-adored country style kitchen! Whether it has helped you in some way on your journey of renovating or simply provided a bit of inspiration and joy in your love for interiors - we hope you have enjoyed the read. Speak soon.

Rachel x