September 1, 2017

After hours of scrolling through Instagram and pinning photos from Pinterest, you’ve got your heart set on a natural stone floor… after all who wouldn’t! Now the fun can begin with choosing the right stone for you. However, a question we get asked a lot, both in the showroom and over the phone is ‘What finish is right for me?’. If you’ve found yourself wondering the same thing then you’ve come to the right place… keep reading to find out more on our most popular stone finishes.


A tumbled finish is characterised by softly worn edges and a slightly lighter face to the tile. The tile is gently worn with porcelain chips in a large vibrating barrel which softly rounds the edges of the tile. A tumbled finish is sympathetic to older properties who want to keep things with a traditional or more country feel. A great example of this is our Dijon Tumbled (available in numerous sizes).

Dijon Tumbled Limestone Floor Tiles

Dijon Tumbled Limestone Floor Tiles (01)



A straight edged tile with a smooth surface, similar to a polished texture but matt in appearance. Here is our Jura Grey honed limestone.

Jura Grey Limestone

Jura Grey Limestone



A brushed finish is achieved by metal wired brushes removing the softer parts of the stones surface and exposing the fossilisation on the tile, creating a slightly textured surface with straight cut edges. This finish is ideal for those that would prefer more of an anti – slip texture and is practical for kitchen/living areas as well as outdoors. See our Crema Castello brushed limestone.

Crema Castello Brushed Limestone Tiles (8)

Crema Castello Brushed Limestone Tiles (9)


Sandblasted & Brushed… 

Our sandblasted & brushed stones are the next step up from a brushed finish. The additional sandblasting process results in even more texture to the tile and a more consistent colour. Here is our Florence limestone.

Florence Sandblasted and Brushed Limestone Tiles 04 (Large)

Florence Sandblasted and Brushed Limestone Tiles 12 (Large)



A high gloss finish, creating a smooth and reflective appearance, with straight cut edges, enhancing the colour and natural markings of the stone. This finish looks stunning in bathrooms – see our Istrian Shells limestone below.

Istrian Shells Polished Limestone

Istrian Shells Polished Limestone

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