January 31, 2014

I’ve been looked to increase our range of cream tiles and in particular I wanted to add a nice bathroom tile to our collection. The ‘Crema Perlino’ was the answer. We now stock this stone in 400xFLx12mm which makes it great for bathrooms as the 12mm thickness allows this stone to be laid onto plasterboard walls.

Although we usually stock ‘free lengths’ in 500mm widths, the 400 can work well in smaller bathrooms and allows for the stone to be manufactured into the 12mm tiles making it a versatile product. This stone can be used throughout the house and the free lengths measure right up to 1000mm long looking great even in the large rooms. Whats great about these marble tiles is that there is very minimal wastage. When a stone is bought in a free length format, you usually lay the tiles in rows (a bit like a brick bond pattern, but with staggered joints). This means that whatever you have to cut off one end to fit the last tile in the row, you can start with on the next row! Check out the product page for Crema Perlino by clicking on the link.

Crema Perlino Honed Marble Floor Tiles

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