Tiverton White Pearl Garden Transformation

Photographer Rachel and I had the pleasure of meeting Trisha, at her home on the outskirts of Chesterfield to photograph her stunning Tiverton White Pearl porcelain pavers. Her outdoor space has undergone a huge transformation to say the least, so we wanted to share her amazing journey with you!

Tell us a little bit about the area of your home…

“My home is on the outskirts of Chesterfield and although it is fairly close the shops and town, I also benefit from the lovely countryside not far from my doorstep. I live 10 minutes from the motorway and its only 2-hour train ride into London but am still so close to the beautiful Peak District – a great location to be! I returned to Chesterfield from living in London for nine years and am now very happy to be close to family and friends again.”

Trisha’s Garden before the renovation took place in 2019.

What was the driving force behind the renovation?

“Having only had a balcony at the flat I rented in London, being able to have a garden again was a dream come true. However, when I could see that part of my new garden was unusable having no flat areas to sit and relax, my top priority was to sort this out. I really wanted a greenhouse, and I needed a flat base laying for that.”

The overgrown shrubbery and trees consumed a large part of Trisha’s garden, she knew this would be the perfect space for her green house.

When did your project start and how long has it taken?  

“It all began in October 2019 shortly after I moved in.  There was a large piece of land covered in bushes and trees, that once cleared revealed a broken fence and sloping unusable piece of land.  We started work in October 2020, with the hope to be ready for the delivery of the greenhouse in December.”

“Once the shrubbery and trees were removed, this revealed an area of 20m2 – a big space to be so hidden! We then needed to remove the slope to create two levels, we did this by using steps. Foundations were then complete just before Christmas but work soon came to a halt because of the snow and freezing temperatures, work resumed again in mid-February. The renovation was finally complete by March 2021!”

Why did you choose the Tiverton White Pearl Porcelain for your area?

As soon as I saw the Tiverton White Pearl online, I thought it would be the perfect colour choice and so ordered a sample along with a couple of others. I knew this porcelain had a grip finish and is very weather resistant so that definitely ticked all of my boxes. One thing that really stuck out in my mind when I received these samples was that all the packaging was completely recyclable. I was so impressed by this and was a key element to me ordering from Quorn Stone.

What is your favourite thing to do in your newly renovated area?  

The top area is my greenhouse area although there’s also a small bistro table and chairs there to look out over the rest of the garden. When the tomatoes and cucumbers are finished in the greenhouse, I will move this table inside so I can use the greenhouse in the winter sun to have coffee and read a good book or sketch.  The lower patio area is where my seating is, and I love to take a cup of tea… or a nice glass of rosé and my book to read there especially in the late summer evenings.  I have some solar lights there too, so these, accompanied by the scent of all the roses, makes it a magical place.

Thank you to Trisha for showing us your beautiful outdoor sanctuary and letting us try the tasty tomatoes from your green house! You really have a stunning space – Lauren x