How to Clean & Look After My Stone Floor

One of our most asked questions is how to clean and look after my stone floor. So we’ve put together a post that covers some key elements and top tips on how to look after and maintain natural stone flooring. Whether you already have a stone floor or are deciding on what to choose – we hope this helps a little!


1. Finding the right stone and finish for you

Our limestone, marble and porcelain tiles come in a selection of finishes that are suitable for different areas of your home. We suggest for high traffic areas, choosing tiles with a more forgiving finish – such as tumbled, brushed and softly worn. Polished tiles may not be quite as practical for large spaces with a lot of footfall.

Versailles Softly Aged Limestone Tiles

Versailles Softly Aged Limestone

2. Sealing your tiles

It is important to note, that natural stone will need to be sealed with a high-quality sealant upon installation. We recommend using Lithofin Stain Stop MN, this product is something we have tried and tested for a long time and it does exactly what it says on the tin! This sealant is a matt sealant that doesn’t darken the stone, leaving your floor looking at its natural best. It is also important to remember that sealant is only a first barrier of defence. Anything strongly acidic (e.g. wine or orange juice spills) will need to be neutralised with water and cleaned as soon as possible.


3. Choosing a stain proof / stain resistant grout

Something our customers often worry about is grout discolouration. Traditional cement-based grout can often discolour, meaning a lot of time can be spent cleaning grout joints. For porcelain, we recommend opting for a stain proof grout – the epoxy resin formula allows for a non-porous surface, which you can simply wipe clean. With natural stone, we recommend a stain resistant grout which is a special hybrid grout that is 75% less absorbent than standard cement-based grouts.

Silver Cloud Brushed Limestone Tiles

Silver Cloud Brushed Limestone


4. Using a pH neutral floor cleaner

As mentioned previously, sealant acts as a first line of defence against anything acidic. We recommend using a pH neutral floor cleaner, diluted in warm water. Harsh chemicals and bleach can eat away at the sealant, so we recommend using Lithofin Wash and Clean. This product is made for natural stone and cleans, enhances and maintains the natural surface of your tiles.


5. Day to day maintenance

To remove any dirt or dust off the surface of your stone floor, we recommend sweeping and vacuuming with a soft brush attachment for daily maintenance. For a deeper clean we advise mopping using the instructions above. For those of you that use a steam cleaner, using this on your natural stone floor can affect the longevity of the sealant, meaning you may need to re-seal sooner.

Dijon Tumbled Limestone Tiles & Pavers

Dijon Tumbled Limestone


6. Be prepared for any staining with Power Clean

Once natural stone is sealed, it is fairly resistant to staining, providing it has been sealed and is cared for properly. On the odd occasion where staining may occur, it is handy to have a stone-friendly powerful cleaning product to hand. The quicker a spillage is cleaned up, the less likely it is to stain.


7. Re-seal the floor when necessary

Finally, it is necessary to re-seal your floor when need be, to keep your tiles protected. Natural stone needs sealing every 4-5 years on average and is a simple job that you can do yourself. To test if you need to re-seal, drop a small amount of water onto your stone floor – if it repels on the surface it is sealed, if you can see the water being absorbed into the stone, a re-seal may be needed.

Crema Castello Brushed Limestone Tiles

Crema Castello Brushed Limestone


Natural stone is a beautiful and hardwearing option for flooring and has been used for centuries. Here at Quorn Stone, we always want to ensure our customers feel they can ask us any questions about how to look after stone flooring and it is in our interest that they find a floor that they will love for years to come! Please don’t hesitate to call us if you ever need any help or advice.

– Quorn Stone