Stain proof grout

Kerakoll Fugalite Bio Stain Proof Grout Promotion

What grout colour should I choose for my stone floor?

With a wealth of knowledge in the natural stone industry, we pride ourselves on the quality products that we provide our customers with and appreciate the process of finding a stone floor you will love for years to come. We think another imperative factor is the grout product and grout colour chosen for your stone floor. With this in mind, we are currently holding a Kerakoll Stain Proof Grout promotion and thought a post about considering stain proof grout and its benefits would be helpful.

We have a strong working relationship with Kerakoll, an eco-friendly, worldwide company who provide a range of quality fixing materials – including grout. The Kerakoll Fugalite Bio Stain Proof Grout and Fugalite Bio Parquet Stain Proof Grout collections are made up of 24 unique colours, specially designed to suit natural stone, stone effect porcelain and wood effect porcelain.

Stain Proof Bio Parquet

Fugalite Bio Parquet Stain Proof Grout

Stain Proof Bio

Fugalite Bio Stain Proof Grout

Our top tip is to choose a grout colour most similar to or slightly lighter to the shade of a stone. This creates a little contrast while keeping a seamless look – not detracting away the beauty of a stone floor. Some customers have concerns about staining and think a dark grout colour is the way to stop this, however dark grout can often leave a ‘picture framing’ effect. If you are choosing tiles for a bathroom, wet room or maybe even a busy family kitchen, and are concerned about staining, we highly recommend Kerakoll’s range of stain proof grouts.

These grouts are water-based, hypo-allergenic resins that are waterproof and stain-proof, for a silk-effect grouting of natural stone and porcelain tiles. The grouts are also bacteriostatic, meaning they prevent the spread of bacteria and moulds. With 24 colours to choose from, these colours replicate the shades of natural stone and wood and have been tested as UV resistant – guaranteeing colour stability and durability.

The shade ‘Larix’ in the Kerakoll Parquet Stain Proof range is an increasingly popular option for customers choosing our Dijon tumbled limestone. The combination of Larix grout and Dijon limestone is almost a perfect match. Below is a small display we have made to show customers in our showrooms.

Dijon tumbled limestone and stain proof Larix

Dijon tumbled limestone and stain proof Larix

Here are a few other examples that we often pair together for customers wanting a stain proof grout…

Flatlay Stain Proof Grouts

01. Farrow Grey tumbled limestone – Light Grey #02 Fugalite Bio

02. Clovelly Old English wood effect porcelain – Ulmus #59 Fugalite Bio Parquet

03. Dijon tumbled limestone – Larix #54 Fugalite Bio Parquet

04. Crema Castello brushed limestone – Jasmin #07 Fugalite Bio

05. Okehampton English Grey stone effect porcelain – Pearl Grey #03 Fugalite Bio

Visit our ancillary products page to shop the different grout colours or feel free to call us on 01509 416557 for any questions or to discuss your project further.