Things to know when buying Dijon limestone

Here at Quorn Stone, we have been importing limestone for over 26 years and are the biggest direct importer of Dijon limestone in the country. As leading specialists in the industry, over the years we have acquired invaluable knowledge and expertise when it comes to natural stone – only sourcing the best quality at the best prices.

With this in mind, as our most loved and best-selling stone, we wanted to do a little feature on our Dijon limestone and provide some information on things for you to bear in mind when buying Dijon.

Beautiful characteristics in Dijon Limestone

Dijon is a beautiful limestone, with subtle beige-to-grey tonal variations, containing small fossils and some occasional crystallised calcite veining. This flagstone is a very hard-wearing and dense limestone – perfect for kitchens, ground floors and bathrooms alike. The neutral tones of our Dijon limestone tiles complement a range of colour schemes and styles of spaces, from contemporary builds to country barns and cottages. 

Dijon Tumbled Limestone Tiles

Dijon Tumbled Limestone Tiles

Quality and grades of material

We’re aware of the crowded market in the natural stone industry and the vary in price from place to place, of what appears to be the same stone. Like any natural stone, the quarry that Dijon is sourced from has different selections and grades. Many company’s may offer Dijon limestone tiles at low prices, but may mislead by selling the lower grades of Dijon, advertised as premium quality. You can expect higher variation, browner tones, high oxidisation and veining with these lower grades. This is why we invite customers to view their exact stock before buying so they can order with confidence of what they will receive. Our Dijon limestone tiles are the top selection of the highest grade, yielding lighter and more consistent tones – the ‘champagne’ selection, as we like to call it.

Dijon Brushed Limestone Tiles


Dijon Brushed Limestone

Cost-effective options

We have also recently introduced Dijon Blend to our range – this is a lower grade of the same material, which also means lower, cost-effective prices. The sister to our Dijon tumbled, you can expect more variation, minerals and veining. This is perfect for rustic barn conversions or for those wanting a lower cost option. Prices start from just £29.00m2 inc VAT. Often, customers will opt for our premium Dijon tumbled for internals, and then the Dijon Blend limestone tiles for exterior – outside paving will naturally lighten and season over time so this is a excellent way of keeping renovation costs lower.


Dijon Blend Tumbled Limestone Pavers

Dijon Blend Tumbled Limestone Tiles

Dijon Blend Tumbled Limestone Tiles

Tile sizes available in Dijon Limestone

Our Dijon limestone is available in a variety of tile sizes – from patterns to free lengths, to fixed sizes. A pattern is a selection of 4 different tile sizes which are laid to create an opus pattern. Our free length tile sizes have a fixed width, with a selection of lengths ranging from 600-1000mm. Free lengths are particularly popular options, as a larger format flagstone, laid as random brick – maximising the beauty of the tile and minimising grout. We also offer fixed sizes such as square or rectangular tiles, this tile format especially suits our Dijon honed limestone and Dijon brushed limestone, giving a more uniform and contemporary look.

Dijon Tumbled Limestone Tiles Leicester

Dijon Tumbled Limestone Large Pattern

Indoor, outdoor options – Dijon limestone tiles and pavers

We stock our Dijon tumbled limestone in 20mm and 30mm thicknesses, suitable for outside to create the ultimate indoor, outdoor flow. These paving tiles offer a hardwearing and practical choice for outdoor exterior spaces. The Dijon limestone features beautifully soft stone markings and beige to grey tones that complement an array of styled properties – making it a versatile natural stone paver for outside. Being direct importers of this stone, we offer bespoke services for our Dijon limestone, such as bullnosed steps, edging and pool copings. A project with our Dijon brushed limestone paving below shows the impact and beautiful landscaping featuring our Dijon natural stone steps and pavers.

Dijon Brushed Limestone Pavers and Steps

Dijon Tumbled Limestone Pavers Leicester

Dijon Tumbled Limestone Paving

Tile finishes of Dijon Limestone

There are a few factors to consider when deciding which finish is right for you, with options of tumbled, brushed, honed and seasoned. Our most popular finish is our Dijon tumbled limestone, due to its low maintenance and hard-wearing nature – great for the coming and goings of everyday life. The tumbled finish is achieved through a gentle ageing process, softening the stone markings and giving a tumbled edge and pastel-like appearance. This is perfect for country style homes wanting a rustic look. Brushed tiles have a matt-to-slight-sheen surface, with a subtle texture and straighter edges than tumbled. The brushing process is with steel brush heads, wearing away at the softer minerals within the stone. Our Dijon brushed is a versatile option suiting all styles of spaces. A honed tile is essentially polished but to a lower grade, with a smooth matt appearance. You can expect straight cut edges, creating clean and close grout joints and a contemporary feel. A newer offering to our Dijon limestone collection are our Dijon ‘seasoned’ tiles, this finished provides worn edges, increased texture and a slightly warmer appearance – ideal for outdoors and ground floor areas for a slightly rustic feel.

Dijon Seasoned Limestone Flooring Surrey

Dijon Seasoned Limestone

Dijon Honed Limestone Tiles

Dijon Honed Limestone Tiles

Stone effect option – Dijon Porcelain

Our best-selling Dijon limestone tiles are also now available in a porcelain! This neutral toned stone effect tile complements an array of colour schemes with its soft beige and light grey hues. The minerals, fossils and calcite veining evident in the print make it an extremely realistic rendition of our all-time favourite Dijon limestone. Available in a 900 x 600 size, our Dijon rendition porcelain tile is suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Dijon Stone Effect Porcelain Tiles

We hope this little feature helps and informs you more about Dijon limestone and things to know about natural stone tiles in general. As ever, if there are any further questions you may have, please contact us where one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be on hand to help. You can also order up to 4 free samples of our Dijon or any other of our limestone, marble and porcelain tiles.