Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles: 6 Top Applications

So its almost Valentines day but instead of some relationship advice, I’m going to show you 6 great applications for natural stone mosaic tiles.We have a great range of natural stone mosaics which can help turn your bathroom into a selling point of your house without breaking the bank! There are a number of ways to utilise mosaics to add that extra bit of luxury to your bathroom:

1) ‘Natural Stone Mosaic Carpets’ work very much in the same way as mosaic murals yet at a fraction of the cost. The idea behind this design feature is that you tile your bathroom floor in natural stone except for the centre of the room. Here you use a complementary or contrasting natural stone mosaic depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. To enhance this look further, incorporate a mosaic border to divide your mosaic carpet from your surrounding tiles. ‘Natural Stone Mosaic Carpets’ are not limited to bathrooms or even floors and the end product is the illusion of an expensive mosaic mural centrepiece at a fraction of the cost.

Natural Stone Tiles Mosaic Carpet

2) ‘Natural Stone Mosaic Feature Walls’ are exactly as they sound. For some customers it can be too expensive or a little overbearing to clad your entire bathroom in natural stone mosaic. However, if you like a mosaic why not make a feature of it and use it on one wall of your bathroom?

Alternatively natural stone mosaics can be used along the wall in a band across the centre of your room or as a simple horizontal/vertical strip. Why not try using a natural stone moulding between the divide of tile and mosaic for that extra touch of design.

3) ‘Natural Stone Mosaic Bath Panels’ are an excellent way to incorporate your favourite mosaic into your bathroom. Mosaics will take the curves of bath  panels easily and also look great as a surround. Not only do they look great but offer fantastic grip for wet, soapy hands and are easy to cut and shape due to their mesh net backs.

Natural Stone Tiles Mosaic Carpet

4) ‘Natural Stone Mosaic Showers’ are probably the most popular use of mosaic tiles, adding a timeless elegance and class to your bathroom. However, they are also a very practical choice with an increased grout area due to the small format of the tiles offering a high level of grip.

Natural Stone Tiles Mosaic Carpet

5) ‘Natural Stone Mosaic Shower Shelves’ are a quirky and inexpensive design feature not to be missed, check out our previous post for more info.

Natural Stone Tiles Mosaic shelf

6) ‘Natural Stone Mosaic Splashbacks’ add style and are ideal for those on a tight budget still looking to achieve a luxury feel. Don’t forget… they serve a practical purpose too!

Natural Stone Tiles Mosaic Splashback